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From online networking to text messages, I’ve been receiving comments and messages of Christmas greetings and I think it will last till tomorrow

But wait, does Buddhism practiced Christmas???tsktskk..LOST lol!

And before this beautiful day ends, I have decided to write the THINGS that had happened in my interesting life since the day that I had written my last entry.

First on the list is the family reunion with my mother’s relatives. I had all the fun with that overnight swimming and I literally swim over night! lol! Blamed it to my skin, I easily get dark whenever I swim in daylight so lesson learned.We’re almost complete that day and I love it! How many years have passed since this grand reunion..ahhh you’ll never know.

Everything is going along fine, if only people knows how to apply the term CONSIDERATION tsktskk but unfortunately they belong to the canal shape minds like some individual do (or is it me, like that’s what they’re saying..SHOCKS!)

As I return to Cavite, I was greeted by a text of one of my thesis mate and saying that we have to do something tomorrow meaning I should come to their house in the exact time to get the task done. And I was like okay though I felt a little uncomfortable being in their house because of what had happened with us. (I accidentally and clumsily vandalized her mp3 and of course what do you expect from a person who valued her things so much) And so I was brushing off the feeling because we’re friends after all and thinking that another friend is coming from Batangas so we would not be alone the whole day.Another thing, you know what I hate in text messages…some people would really text you in a very formal manner…I hate those kinds. I would rather talk to them in person than receiving such cold messages..where is the warmth people! C’mon show it and express it in your messages. Perhaps they learned it from other who’s to blame? THEM! (Who’s them? haha…people- ourselves because of over analyzing!Really huh!)

As my story continues, I got to their house and a little bit early than the expected time (whenever you’re with them you should practice punctuality…….you know the story so well….RIGHT!) We’ve slept some more in her bed while waiting for the other one. Then i woke up and still the other one is not yet coming so I’ve started my part until the other one arrived. Feeling that I’m wasting my time there..I’ve decided to go home early and continue what I’m doing there in my home because as I see it there’s no need to go in her place to do such things..tsktskk..what a waste of money for transportation..tsktskk

Well perhaps one factor is that we are supposed to visit a feminist but it didn’t happened so that it.

When I got home, we got the money that my mother have sent to me so my father and I decided to get my hair done and he is SUPER EXCITED! Very funny! I have alot of fun with the salon with ate angela…the rebounded hair that only last for 4 days..WTF! The disappointment was written in my face after I took a bath. I knew it! I knew it that my hair would be over if I wash it..but what can I do I’m not a magician to take it back.

Before I forgot in that four days with my fantastic hair, kim and I had a blast on finding OJT site in the street of Makati! I had fun with that! Just imagining that I’ll be having my on job training there really got me excited. Malls, Fashion, People..urgh! Love the surrounding. Felt a little bit of an elite.

I’ve also dined out with my cousins and aunts in both sides of my parents with their friends to celebrate my birthday and as well as my cousin’s birthday.It’s very tiring, but so memorable…AIR GAPS fuck the way!hahahaha

I should have written all the things that had happened but I felt tired so I’ll just re edit this from time to time..haha

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


She really slimmed down, fantastic!

She really slimmed down, fantastic!


Tyra's after and before

Tyra’s after and before

As I woke up this morning I immediately look for my laptop and see the videos that I loaded last night..this morning rather is haven’t yet crashed because my server has a habit of crashing down and all of the time that I’m waiting for it to finish buffering was just put to waste. argh! And so I learned.

I’m currently watching and hook with America’s Next Top Model cylce 13 with their concept of “petite models”. Tyra wants to have short models that are not taller than 5′7 ft for her fall collection. If the reason for this concept is because she believes and wants to give a chance to the short people on fulfilling their all time dream to be a model or for the sake of “profit” , doesn’t really matters to me. All I’m up to is the drama in this competition (I love drama with action!haha..mean!) and some modelling techniques to guide my modelling career of

And the highlight of this season is the toned and slimmed tyra! That is just a wow! I was so busy this past few years and I haven’t got the chance to watch for ANTM since cycle 3. I simply just lose my interest to the show. And I’m seeing photos of Tyra who is getting bigger and bigger that is posted on different sites and blogs. I get the biggest shock of the day because I thought that this cycle is not the latest and Tyra is not yet fat on this one but I was wrong she was indeed slim at the present and yes, this is the latest. I am sooo happy for her. I know how she must have felt before with that excess fats on her arms,waist and thighs. It’s not cool and I’m one of those people who are into the thought of being thin is beautiful. The same with Tyra I’m giving my best effort to lose weight and to feel better of myself.

I know and I’m aware that some people are oppose to my standard of beauty but whatever you say like fat is pretty, beauty is in the eyes of the just can’t get away from the constructed beauty of the society and majority still believes that in order to be beautiful, you should lose those pounds. Even in the commercials you can’t see any fat girl or boy endorsing some products. If you look at the billboard it is a slim gal posing and wearing that branded shirt. Watch movies and drama you’ll get to see an anorexic villain creating chaos for the stick leading lady. It is how it is and it would never be like be fat and I’ll hire you to ramp on the catwalk. That might be harsh but that’s the reality so stop being hypocrite.

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Clipart Illustration of a Silhouetted Scorpion Over A Blue Scorpio Astrological Sign Of The Zodiac

Scorpio,myzodiac sign

Chinese years


Snake, sign of my year

Zodiacs, Signs of your year..does it really contribute to the things that are happening to you.

An hour ago I had a fight with my dad and I guess it’s my fault though he should have atleast control his temper. Oh no, here I goo again. Buddhism. Buddhism.Buddhism. LOL! My friends are always teasing me by saying buddhism whenever I’m getting angry because they know that I’m a self proclaimed Buddhist and I’m practicing the “being forgiving” individual that I should be and let the bad karma take it’s course.

Again, back to the topic. I was checking my facebook account a while ago and have read my daily horoscope and bam I got a little shock( very little, believe me). Because what was written really happens to me TODAY! I got to meet someone from the past- my highschool classmate and it also says something about focusing my whole attention on family matters and that is our fight. I can’t remember that exact words use but I find it amazing that somehow it’s quite similar. But at the end of the day I know that it is just a creation of my mind trying to give justice to the things that I’ve done and had passed to get away from any guilt and regrets. If only life can be dictated by this signs forever then it wouldn’t be hard for us to think of the reason for it’s existence.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Last movie I saw…
Infamous “end of the
world” transform to a

2012 (2009)

Directed by: Roland Emmerich


John Cusack

Amanda Peet

Chiwetel Ejiofor

I have watched this film last Saturday in Big Screen with my friends. I find it so funny that we choose to see this movie first before checking out our thesis for revision. (Well, who wants to that anyway!lol)

I have heard a lot of things about 2012 before I could even got the chance to see the movie or even it’s movie poster and the only thing that makes me familiar with the movie is the moment that I saw the trailer and the independence day concept stick to my mind with 2012 as it’s title. Some people whom I know are keep on telling me how fantastic the effects was and surpass the award winning film of all time, Titanic because of it’s highly acclaimed scene effects mixed with some drama. So I was like OH-MY-GOd! So this is really a good film huh! And I told myself that I need to watch it not only just online but on theaters for a better viewing of the scenes.

And the moment that I’m waiting for we enter the theater the guards that were checking on our bags told us that we would be standing because there are a lot of people that inside and I was like “okay”. But I really didn’t expect that warning to be true. When we check the seats on the second floor of the cinema we were like uh-huh so where are we going to seat?! and then we decided to let go of our “second floor seats” and we try our luck on searching for other available seats on the first floor and still, no luck. The sight is full of people standing in your left and right and some are sitting at the back and on the side and then boom! that’s it, I saw the center aisle and a man sitting near his girl( I guess!) on the floor and I followed his strategy because I don’t have any plans on torturing myself.haha.

The film begins and the people kept on rushing in, an evident proof of a HIT movie. So I was wondering why did they not make 2012 a two theater venue like what they did in new moon.(I can’t believe it! even the person in charge of arranging the venues were got seduced by edward!haha!bias!joke)

So the film ended and we are now sitting in the right seats and not on the floor. so what can I say about the film? OVERRATED!!!

The effects might be advanced than the other films and the concept of the modern Noah’s arch has caught the interest of many but still for me the hype over this movie is just too much! I love the drama here and there though. But it’s not enough and can’t be compared to titanic! I can’t believe that they see it that way, coz there’s no way that it can beat titanic. Because of the super nice effects some scenes became too funny and unrealistic. Though fair enough I really have a share of good laugh with this film and perhaps because of the aura of the audience that I’m with. But the final verdict , OVERRATED!

Friday, November 20, 2009

R.I.P Kim Daul

Kim Daul in her captured moments

Kim Daul in her captured moments

As I was looking through the pages of allkpop, I have seen an article about a South Korean supermodel who was found dead in her apartment in Paris. Kim Daul is the name of the international established model and it shocked me that we are on the same age but she’s definitely older by months and yet look how successful she did become. The reason of her death is not yet been clarified and is still under investigation though their’s a speculation that it could be an apartment suicide. Oh my God! if it’s a suicide naaah what a waste of life. But what do I know right? how can we judge those people that are now uncapable of defending theirselves.

Few days ago I “decided” that my dream is to be an International top ramp model so I was kinda fascinated these days on runways and catwalks until the break of this news lead to the birth of my ultimate idol “for the moment”.

After knowing who Kim daul is I’ve search her name for pictures and to see her blog because it is said that she is also famous on expressing her thoughts and ideas. And I was not disappointed and was indeed impress with the way she gets through the point of the matter. Like when she has this entry about her nude picture because of the for sure negative reaction of the netizens and talking about trashing Korea. And her defense to her action amazes me. There is this particular lines that was stamp on my mind, she says “Korea is Korea, It’s not the whole world. Before I became Korean, I am me first”, and that is a WOW for me. Nice counter attack. From that point I said to myself that I’ll gonna read all of her entry and learn something from it. In her writings, her true emotion reflects and though it is such a cliche I think it really proves that money and fame can’t buy happiness. I had observed that some of her entries talks about on being lonely, alone,overworked and lost and my mind keep on questioning why. What could possibly be her reason for being like that if she had almost all of the things that I wanted in my life.

My Questions became questions after questions that I know will still left to be a question because there’s no way that i could know the answer from a person who already reach the end of her life or rather ended her life.

Nevertheless Kim Daul owns my respect and admiration because it seems that she never gets anyone into trouble because she doesn’t mind what other people will do or think. And I like that principle, living your own life, minding your own stuff and looking over your self..oh I wish to apply it in reality because the society would eat the weakest and’s survival of the fittest.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sensible day!

I start my morning with my typical morning routine. >>>checking my facebook for any updates or replies, reading news at allkpop and popseoul for the latest kpop gossips, checking out lyn’s blog and dirty laundry for lakorn updates and thai star gossips and lastly, checking my loaded videos in youtube. =p

After that I get ready for our ojt site super mega hunting that turns out to be uber duper bloody hunt. (I guess I need to give credit to those newly graduates that eventually got in to their desired jobs. Lucky you pipol!) From GMA to ABS to IBC and RPN we felt the need for MIRACLE!!!!

Why? Isn’t it obvious that if you haven’t got the chance to give your precious papers and that would be your resume, the chance of getting the job is not less than 10 percent out of 100 %. I need my good karma and I hope that would really work. But nonetheless my relatives saves my un-so-lucky day to a very “Family day”..tadah!

i got to meet my uncle and aunt that is both from my father side with my chubby little cousin and my aunt who is my mom’s sister that is together with her friend at Trinoma mall in north avenue.

Though we’re sometimes loss for words resulting to dead air, what matter’s is that we’re together and having a little chit chat here and there. I miss those times with each of one of them and I hope that this day would happen very often.


Thinking that you’re perfect is so fail!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

OJT jitters!!

Oh my! Tomorrow we will go to the orientation for our ojt and I’m super freaking nervous!I can’t explain why but it feels like I’m going to a real job interview and all the jazz. aaaaaahhhh!!! super duper panic mode! I’m not that confident with my!

Monday, October 19, 2009


So you think your perfect ha?! Very funny!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

When they see nothing but YOU!

“Things change. And friends leave.

Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”Stephen Chbosky

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Shu du ai

I never thought that life is this difficult!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leader jay!!

I’m afraid that all will be forgotten!!!!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PARK JAEBUM! (Sep 08, 2009 4:41 pm)

I wan to kill!

I want to erased all of those people, those netizens who is responsiblre for the my space comment controversey of leader jay!
How could they do that to him??? how!!he didin’t do anything bad to them!
And now, he already leaves korea..isn’t it enough people!!!!!!is it???!
and now you’re asking for our forgiveness, huh! how dare you!
Even though I’m a civilized hottest I can never forgive you…ever!
Don’t try showing your face on me or I’ll kill you!

seriously I WILL!!
you take away the dream and happiness of 2pm, of park jaebum
and it’s not’s so unfair!!!!
I know very well the importance of forgiveness but people are abusing the kindness and understanding that was given to them to the extent that you will forget how to forgive!!

Why do some people are so insensitive and only thinks about his self! so selfish! very selfish!!!
I hope that I would not be like that…but forgiving is very hard to do right now
NETIZEN’s————you’ve gone to far..please stop it now!!please!!!!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chek Law Dak Gung / Naked Weapon

Last movie I saw…

Chek Law Dak Gung / Naked Weapon (2002 Hongkong film)

Directed by: Siu-Tung Ching / Tony Ching


Maggie Q

Daniel Wu

I watch this film because someone told me that it is beautiful like So close but I beg to disagree. Nothing beats So close, It would still be the number one assassin chick film across Asia.(no buts, no whatever!) A lot of people like this film but I can’t see the reason why. This is actually okay but it’s too fast. In a blink of an eye you would ask yourself “is that it”. They should at least prepare the audience for the conflict to come. (but there’s a lot of it, that’s the reason why) I mean like in So Close they have a lot of fights but the conflict starts when the older sister dies and the audience have foreseen the soon to be problem minus the death of the sister. (admit’s a shock right!?uh-huh!) And in this film the dispute begins when her friend was being hostaged and they fight to death, but wtf the movie is close to it’s end when this thing happened. errrrrrr!!! All of a sudden there is this antagonist that comes there way…please!! A magnificent action flick is not all about the exchange of fists and sex.(hey, there’s more to it!) I don’t like the drama of this film, I can’t feel it! I recommend that you watch it without the English dub. I think it is one of the factors why I didn’t appreciate this film.(the dub sucks!) While watching it, I’m getting bothered of the leading I know why because I know her..she’s Maggie Q (daniel henney?!haha..Am I a tease?!rofl..ehem Edison Chen..haha) PLOT SUMMARY: A mysterious woman, known as Madame M, kidnaps forty pre-teen girls and transports them to a remote island to train them as the most deadly assassins.-imdb


Last movie I saw…

Love Wrecked (2005)

Directed by: Randal Kleiser


Amanda Bynes

Chris Carmack

Jonathan Bennett

This movie rocks!..Only because this movie has a rocker.rofl! Amanda Bynes is the leading actress in this movie and she is a fan of a famous rocker who is Chris Carmack. Actually an obsessed fan is the right term for her. The story is about a fan that falls deeply madly in love with a “to die for rocker”(but not my type..muscles=beastly) and watch out how far can she get just to be with Chris. Of all the films of Amanda, this movie greatly displays her toned body. She looks really fit and thinner compared to her Sydney white appearance. Jonathan Bennett is also in this film, he is the best friend of Amanda (coughs!coughs! now you know how the story ends?!LMAO~~~spoiler!) Not that sensible movie but at least it is an entertaining one.PLOT SUMMARY: On a Caribbean cruise, Jenny (Bynes) is marooned on a beach with her rock and roll idol. Deliriously in love with the idea of time alone with him, she manages to hide the fact that they’re a stones throw away from their resort.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Proposal

Last movie I saw…

The Proposal (2009)

Directed by: Anne Fletcher


Sandra Bullock

Ryan Reynolds

I love Sandra Bullock and I think Ryan Reynolds in this movie is not bad either. (don’t you think so?!) Interesting title, actors and script, one of the best for 2009. Sandra has a very good characterization of being Margaret. The way she talks, her hand gestures and stiff actions..all of it shows what kind of person margaret is. I have so much fun on watching this film though I’m not a fan of Ryan Reynolds (Just friend’s fault?..maybe) but I have learned to love him through this movie. A romantic comedy that surely made me laugh endlessly for 99 minutes and 53 seconds. WATCH IT, c’’s fun! There are a lot of punch lines, funny scenes and less romantic scenes. Hmm I think that is the only downside of this movie. It is more of Sandra Bullock..I hardly noticed how Ryan falls in love with her but nonetheless it’s good. This movie also made me teary eyed (sniffs). Three words for this, I LOVE IT!! PLOT SUMMARY: A pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada-imdb

Miao Miao

Last movie I saw…
Miao Miao (2008 taiwanese film)

Directed by: Hsiao-tse Cheng


Yung Yung Chang

Wing Fan

Jia-yan Ke

Such a waste of time to watch this film, well that goes for me. I just don’t like those films or anything that shows a girl to girl relationship. I don’t mean to offend or discriminate anyone here but it is just how I feel. And how I wish that they will do a better script next time and I do understand the whole point of the story but still..CRAPPY! PLOT SUMMARY: 18 year-old Ai lives the life of a mischievous teenager. She ignores her studies, putting all her passion into baking cakes that always come out burnt, lopsided, or hard as a rock. Ai cannot imagine a greater happiness than one day making the perfect pastry, until someone new walks into her life and Ai discovers some things in life are sweeter than cake.-

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Screen at Kamchanod / The Screen

Last movie I saw…

The Screen / The Screen at Kamchanod (2007 thai horror film)

Directed by: Songsak Mongkolthong


Achita Pramoi Na Ayudhya

Pakkramai Potranan

Namo Tonggumnerd

It’s a good film that would definitely make you move on your seat. (I experienced it so it’s proven!)I started watching this film right after While you were sleeping because you see my head is so full of romance after watching two romantic films at a time, that’s why I need this to give my self a thrill for a moment. I continued watching this film just this morning for several reasons. First I need to take a nap. Second, I’m getting scared watching it all by myself with darkness surrounding me. (but scaring yourself is the real purpose of watching such film?!right?yeah!) But I can’t help to be startled in each moment with those creepy scenes. (tough huh!)Though the sun is up in the beautiful blue sky while I’m watching this..still it frightens me a bit, take note “a bit”.(rofl!) I’m not fond of the plot of the story but I should give credit to the editors (good job guys!) So for me this film has a unimpressive story but has a lot of remarkable scary scenes.(at least!) Watch this film if you want to scare yourself or just want to kill time. PLOT SUMMARY: Based on a true story, THE SCREEN AT KAMCHANOD is set in 2007, a modern world still haunted by past mystery. Dr. Yuth (Achita Pramoj Na Ayudhya) is obsessed with finding the truth behind the newspaper report on the incident in which film projectionists were hired to screen movies to a throng of ghosts.-

Nobody English Version

I’m currently listening to…

Nobody English Version (2009)

Artist: Wonder Girls

Oh I got so excited after hearing this haha but it doesn’t mean that I will be bias on giving review on this.. (of course I would be, I’m a!) Okay, I think the original is better than this version. When I first heard this song the words are really juggling in my ears, I can’t understand some words. So before you listen to this song and if your not a fan(you know, less understanding for the artist) try to search the lyrics first to familiarize yourself to the meaning of the song. The song has it’s depth that many girls wanted, just like me because you can really relate to the song. (I guess?!) I just don’t know if it would bring the same success that the original had gotten over Asia. How I wish that it would become a hit in U.S, please?!(stop begging, they don’t need it!) The WG has really improved a lot on their english skills and in just a short span of time..whoa amazing! I didn’t expect the sharp emphasis on some parts of the song that is making it somewhat different from the original version. Sunmi got a very distinctive part. I can easily recognize that she is the one who sings the line but sunye and ye eun seems to have the same tone, you cannot easily distinguish one from another but In my case I know which part is who.(yeah right, talking about a total fanatic huh!) Love love love sohee’s part though they use some audio editing to enhance her part. I think sohee’s part gives a different vibe for the song.(you should listen to it so that you can understand the stuff that I’m saying) And the best among the rest hahaha(fanatic mode again) who else but the rap of yoobin, my favorite member. She just swept me of my bed after hearing the rap. She really raps with such intensity but in a very different way, it’s not the typical rap that we are all hearing. Nobody is about a girl who had a boyfriend but he wants to break-up with her because he thinks that they don’t fit each other.(just to give you an idea)

While You were Sleeping

Last movie I saw…

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub


Sandra Bullock

Bill Pullman

This is such an amazing film! I enjoyed it so much that up to now I can’t stop myself from smiling and giggling.(giggles~) Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman really pulls it of, they are very suitable for their characters. (how can I say that? I just knew it!lol) I love the mood of the story, not that heavy but you can sense the drama with laughters on the side. I have also proven that “proper” music scoring really helps on uplifting a scene or in setting the atmosphere and I think that is what “Only you” is lacking. By the way I have seen several movies of Sandra but so far I like her more in this movie and I think Bill has done a great portrayal of the role of jack but not his best. Watching this film feels like I’ve been brought back to 90’s where I watch movies with my cousins. I can’t explain why but it is something that you will feel while watching the movie maybe it is because..nah I really can’t explain it. Well moving on, I swear that While you were sleeping is a movie that is worth watching for.promise! A romantic comedy that you will surely enjoy with your famili. Rated A, completely wholesome.LMAO! PLOT SUMMARY: Ticket collecting romantic pretends to be engaged to an unconscious man but can’t fool his brother-imdb

Hot Issue

I’m currently listening to…

Hot Issue (2009)

Artist: 4minute (kpop)

Thanks to Hyun Ah, an ex wonder girl member because if not for her I wouldn’t give my time on watching their music video for the song “Hot Issue”. Their official music video was released the day after their debut performance in Mnet countdown. (the same day of Lady Gaga’s perf) Their debut stage was highly anticipated because of the supposed to be showdown with 2NE1 (sandara park’s kpop group)but it seems that 4minute is not for showdown on that attention to what I’ve written “that moment”. Hot Issue is gaining popularity now, or maybe not? whatever but the group was receiving lots of love(thanks to their hot stage debut perf on music bank). Compared to Fire of 2ne1, I must say that hot issue has more substance (period). I just can’t understand the point of the song Fire and I think Lollipop is better than fire but it is just because Bigbang was on it!clear! Well the song is like “So Hot” of Wonder Girls that is about having so much self confidence..isn’t it?!haha..kidding aside Hot Issue from the title itself is about being a hot topic because of your good physical appearance and like the song says “your hot from head to toe”…whoa! I love the song. I love the music video. After watching the subbed MV, I’m repeating it again and again and I dance along with! I can’t help it, I’m a hot issue!haha! If you want to give meaning or color on your exercise everyday, try this song. Let’s say if you jog in the morning try on playing this song on your player and presto you would really sweat a lot because this song is just so lively that would totally rock your exercise routine. I had a better along with it.(you’ll love it, believe me)