Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy mode

what time is it? 2pm!!!wahahahahah! Omg I really like 2pm’s again and again, it is so addicting yeah wonderday!!JYP family is love! well so much for my side bussiness I’m currently writing my

script for my radio program tomorrow.

I never thought that pressured will be this great. I’m totally into that feeling because after the show all of my effort is being paid off really well.

I’m almost done with my scirpt, the thing is I need to put more facts so that the host can easily talk about the topic. who is not afraid of DEAD AIR!!ayt>>>right!

I can still remember the first day of our ojt, pam texted me the day before to meet at 9:30 and I thought that she had rizal that’s why I’m thinking that she did not consider my schedule, our schedule because she didn’t even consult anyone of us in public affairs team on having a meeting. exactly 9:33 in the morning I’m still in the bus and very bothered if I’ll manage to get on school on time because of our 9:30 call time and yet I’m still kilometers away from our university then suddenly I received a message from pam our director that our meeting will be moved from 9:30 to 11:00 and our airing will be moved to 11:30. I was like what the hell is she doing!!!I’m thinking that if she said it earlier perhaps I’m still enjoying myself in surfing the net and watching the videos of my all time favorite wondergirls but unfortunately that didnt happen.

I want to continue my story but I’m in a hurry in finishing my I’m taking off from here.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conquer the responsibility

naantok na ko pero waaahhh anung oras na.

grabe lurky ‘tong araw na ‘to but I like it
I want to be as busy as now
hmm will i still be busy after graduation?
work?hope so
I want try being a researcher
channel 2?GMA?one morning?
haha sir jun!lol!
Ls radyo is getting great
I’m not as nervous as before
EP?writer?co anchor, what else??
aja!i can do all of this again and again until the summer class ends ahh