Thursday, May 21, 2009

with kuya vhanie again!

For LS radyo komentaryo, the producer again sent the scripts the night before the airing but as always I was not able to read it

hmmmmmmm wonder if there’s a use of sending scripts overnight (tugggzz..pak)..oppps sorry

perhaps it would be useful for other but for me hmmmmmm….

the topic is about the 25 million reward against political killings and this is also one of my favorites because I believe that I have a lot to say regarding this matter

for libreng sakay o ohhhhh… I admit that I’m still adjusting to his presence because we are not close and we dont have that common denominator or rapport that both host should have in order to let the listeners feel comfortable with the conversation because It would bring a different vibe and it is just that we have a different case..

well I cant let go of this hosting job of mine because I’m really fond of it and another thing is I love the guest. it is no other that doctor B. daniel and me hosted lingon at sulyap before and he is also the guest, I believe we talk about machismo way back then that’s why I’m excited to have a discussion with him again…

and to sum it all I think I did pretty well on this

and I think hmmmm kuya vhanie is not that bad

I think I can make it through

and I will.

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Sick leave

Absent for the whole day because I’m not feeling well

I’m supposed to host for LS radyo komentaryo and libreng sakay with kuya vhanie

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Mam Q?!!!

I’m the producer slash writer for LS radyo komentaryo and I was like whaaaattttttt when I arrived at the radio booth because I saw mam qaudra there, taking charge of the console gosh…whew….(tense…tense…..nervous…tense..waaaaa

the tension boils down to one point “I’m dead” and that is beacuse I dont know my own topic gosh….I did the script just this morning and I was perfectly disturbed of mam Q’s prescence waaaaaaaaaaaaa

conversation here…conversation there..and finally we are on air..the deadly time comes!

-the commentary ends-

I kept on thinking that I have done justice with our commentary until “pop”

mam quadra’s comment came in action..toinks..

perhaps I knew it all along, Its not that good actually

huh! cognitive dissonance LOL

thessa and pam kept on defending me in front of mam Q and saying that I’m just nervous but the truth is “I DONT KNOW THE TOPIC!!!!!!!”

what a morning!!

before I enter the booth for libreng sakay tiffany had introduce me to the guest which is frol heraldo fili[ino, an alumni

our conversation during libreng sakay as a host with kuya vhanie went well

I am proud to say we survived!!!haha

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Anting anting

LS radyo komentaryo has another intersting topic for that day and that is persuing cha cha through con con..

the producer which is mecelle demandante sent the sciprt the night before the airing but I again I’m not able to read it

the only thing is that we dont have a pam that morning to help us in dong the console. christian who is also present at that moment seems to be bothered by his business that he didnt able to help us out ahead of time. Well still thanks to him because he still manged to take charge onn the console thought it’s a little bit late.

for libreng sakay, our topic is about anting anting and our guest is sir jeffrey lubang.

I’m the producer and the writer but oriiginally we there are persons in our team who is assigned to be the writer, researcher and P.A but it is our own decision that if your the producer you will do all because I think personally ahh you could write a better script if you know the whole idea for that episode because sometimes the writer and the producer doesn’t meet half way and if you really want a good show you should do anything for it.

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Wrap it up!

I arrived before around 8:10 in fornt of LS radio

I have waited until ate queenie arrives..

at 8:30 we decided to go to mpr to seek for kuya christian

when we went there we were told by kuya noli and kuya erwin that they cant open the booth because we only have 30 mins left to air and we dont have enough time to prepare
though we have explained that we are supposed to air, mpr says that we shoul arrive early (and I did!)

the situation cause a little commotion for those who are concern..thanks to the text of mam quadra and we were able to air that morning.

the producer/ writer because that is how it goes in LS radyo komentaryo you produce and you write the script.

we cut the script because we dont have enough time.

the script for that episode was really good and you will not lose your concentration searching for feeds from the realted articles attached to the script because the necessary information was all written there. NICE

we ended the airing for LS radio that day becasue of CAD’s outing..

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Supposed to be I’m the producer and writer for the episode of LS radyo komentaryo but I think I cant be able to be there in time because of family matter concerning our house so I texted pam and thessa the night before and until this morning for confimation that I cant really make it and thessa and pam replied that its ok because thessa is also busy editing for our sports news for ENR 2.

I also didn’t do hosting for libreng sakay that day because we are going to edit for sports and we are scheduled to go to the senate and supreme court fo an appointment.

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Last day in LS

So this is the last day of our internship in our university’s radio station.

sunday night I received a trxt msg from pam regarding our last show but before that ate quenie had already texted me about it and I was in total shock because I thought that the internship had already ended last week.

On the other hand I was quite happy because I’m not assigned to produce a show for our last day ^_^ hahahahaha…I bet that It would be very tiring because the update was late so it would be hard for the producer especially for libreng sakay to think for a topic and to invite a guess with short notice.

Even though I’m not totally free from responsibilities because I’m the host for both show of Public Affairs (sighs)!! but I think producing is harder that hosting a program wait I think Commentary is an exception because you need to be knowledgable about the topic before you can comment on it. And it would be very shameful if you have given wrong information and it’s scary if mam quadra would be listening…haha

back to the story

I enjoy announcing though..I think that I still have a lot to learn

for LS radyo komentaryo, tiffany corregidor our producer had informed us the night before regarding the topic which is about the no election fear of melo. though I’m informed about the topic I didnt have time to read about it but I have some knowledge about the 2010 election (thanks to our last topics)

As I enter the university I heard tiffany calling my name from the fifith floor of jfh (they are having their exam in that floor) she said that she already left the script to kuya christian. Suddenly as I knock at the mpr boys room I heard ate quenie calling my name she’s in a hurry because she thought that theirs no airing when we all know that we have to but the truth is the volume of the speaker outside LS radio is not loud enough for people to hear. I found the script inside the booth and I’m happy to see pia again (where’s christian..hmmmm)

I read my script for commentary and the related articles that are attached to it.

our airing time comes after thessa had finish the tagalog newscast for the morning and I was so nervous because we will be on air in a just in a matter of seconds unlike before wherein we do have a lot of time to prepare.

our commentary went well though the script is too short, at 9:30 we had already said everything on the script so what we did is to put more of our inputs and stretch bigtime..

Infairness, I did enjoy the topic and the episode

For libreng sakay well before the program starts I already knew that we are having a phonepatch and the guest is a lawyer in imus. I’m excited to have that phonepatch but at the same time I am not confident because we already tried that before in music program I think..I remember that I’m the caller from cad and I’m scripted to request a song just to try if the phonepatch is working in preparation for LIbreng sakay supposed to be episode that is about cervival cancer….

back to the story, as I’ve said I already knew that it would not be 100 percent sure to have a successful phonepatch because there are possibilities that the guest would not clearly hear what we are saying and the fact that the signal is not that good.

after we have our lunch we went to social sciences department with our producer grace to ask for an available faculty that couold guest in our show and luckily we got “again” sir jose aims rocina.

We already guest him before and we did the fist phonepatch ever in the history of LS with him hahaa….he is sooo nice. (thanks sir)

but minutes before the airing we are still thinking of who would host the program with me because no one is available and at last the “one” has been decided and it was reniel..yeah

that episode for libreng sakayis ok for me though we are short of questions or its just that we laready knew the topic and we clearly understand it because we have discussed it in our consti class anyway that was a very nice experience to end our summer internship….

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha(2005)
Author: Arthur Golden

Book Description
one of Japan's most celebrated geisha.

Speaking to us with the wisdom of age and in a voice at once haunting and startlingly immediate, Nitta Sayuri tells the story of her life as a geisha. It begins in a poor fishing village in 1929, when, as a nine-year-old girl with unusual blue-gray eyes, she is taken from her home and sold into slavery to a renowned geisha house. We witness her transformation as she learns the rigorous arts of the geisha: dance and music; wearing kimono, elaborate makeup, and hair; pouring sake to reveal just a touch of inner wrist; competing with a jealous rival for men's solicitude and the money that goes with it.

In Memoirs of a Geisha, we enter a world where appearances are paramount; where a girl's virginity is auctioned to the highest bidder; where women are trained to beguile the most powerful men; and where love is scorned as illusion. It is a unique and triumphant work of fiction—at once romantic, erotic, suspenseful—and completely unforgettable.

Credit: Amazon

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


yeeehaaaa.. this is really a bombarding, exhausting but fun day. hmmmmm care to0 mix it all?^_^

so where do we start, ok I was removed from the public affairs team because we have to shuffle each week to give chance to others and also to ourselves in experiencing other field like be

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finish!!-IMPortant ANNouncement

haha.. I feel energized after eating.

I really wanted to watch movies but I cant stop the calling of my inner self to stop being lazy anf finish what I’ve started so here I am blogging as crazy again for our Intership requirement

days of last week:


I have prepared my script and arrived in radio booth really early as ever haha

the head of news program told me before that I would be a co-anchor for the newscast in the morning which is before our show. it is from 9am-9:15am and our show starts right after the newscast up to 10am

Because thessa is not yet there, I was obliged to read the whole script. I was so into it that I barely recognized the arrival of thessa.

-before our airing of LS komentaryo pam had arrived

-after the show, grace,tif and I went to pch for some guest for her show,then we went to COS and finally we did have a guest. Faculties in College of Science are really kind especially the Head of them..thank you sir.

-then we went to ITC for the guest of TIf unlike in COS,ITC demand for a letter hmp!!LOL

-we took our lunch and we are really happy that we dont have enr

-I went to swafo with grace and told them my purpose. they asked me to comeback with a letter for a more formal and sure way guesting from them

-after doing LS of grace hmmmm I cant remember the exact happening but all I know is we went to admin, then to polca then to swafo for the letters


- I called gretel as soon as I arrived at school because she is not responding to my texts since monday night regarding the script for Libreng sakay because she is my writer. luckily I was able to contact her and she says that she did the script, it is just that she dont have any load to inform me.

-tiff is the producer of LS Radyo komentaryo and we are really into our discussion about the right to reply bill.


-after the commentary I went straight to SWAFO and asked them if they would accept our invitation and gladlhy they did though the head that would also be our guest that he has a meeting in 1:30 so I said that he could go by 1:20

-whille in our ENR class that is mon-fri, 11-1pm I’m really bothered because our prof is dismissing as so late. It is already 12:55 and the guest says that the program should start at exact 1pm. when I arrived in front of LS Pia told me that I should come in quickly because the guest says that if no one arrives at exact 1pm he would go back to his office

-when i entered the booth I was surprised to see that they are people inside the booth and our guest is laughing with ate jun-gan. i felt relieved but that feeling went away when the guest change his facial expression and told me that you said it is 12:50 but it is now 1pm, I’ll go back to office now and i was like OMG sir pls don’t it is because of our professor he dismissed as really late and the guest is not even smiling waaaaaaaa then suddenly booom the guest smiled and the people inside the radio booth laughs. It seems that the guest is a having a good time huh! he even ask me how do I pronounced his name—rarrrrr what a deceiving fella hahahaha

-things get even better when MR. D-O oooppps MR. SWAFO I mean bec according to him D.O has a different connotation.—-hmmmm they are aware!nice!— told us that “sige na nga”…………..hooray h0oorayy

-the program is really nice because the guest even have statistics and his so prepared


the original topic of gretel is about swine flu but it changed overnight and become tv ads of 2010 presidentiables.

-I went straight with grace to their room for rizal at jfh 502 and wait for gretel to arrive for the script for her show

-she arrived at 8:05 or something.then I went down to Ls radio but on my way I met ate karen and just like alex she asked me to print the newscast team that she already sent to my mail. alex also asked me to print her script in CAD. \

-after finishing printing the scripts, I arrived at LS radio at around 9:45

-pam arrived, when we are having our breaks

-I must say that this is the best episode of LS radyo komentaryo so far. because originally I’m very nervous because I havent watch any commercial since were so busy doing school work and then thessa and I planned to have a break at 9:30 but unexpectedly we were so engrosed to the topic that we didnt notice that it is already 9:40 and yet we are still in the first part of the script. we really enjoyed that episode. It feels like the opinions and comment are flowing freely in our mind.

-the LIBreng sakay show is ok. we have two guest though 10 minutes undertime..awwww!


-pam and I supposed to anchor the newscast but pam didnt make it so I end up doing the deed

-We have a guest for the episode that was produce by grace. we tackle about cha cha and automated election

-It is ok but I felt that I can do much better

-I’m not satisfied with my performance

-I’m sorry grace if ever we dissapoint you in any way. saranghae unni!!!

-i gave the script for Libreng sakay to pam because I cant see gretel and we are leaving quickly for news gathering!!

In this week I have been involved in violations for airing in a newscast with kaven.

OMG! but I believe its not my fault!! It’s a misunderstanding!

A new week is ahead of us!!!!!!!!

yeah!!!all efforts paid off really well!!


wait before i forgot we did have our happy time this week though can’t remember when hmmmm

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start of a new week

-weekends I received a text form pam about our new task. me being a producer for LS radyo komentaryo every monday, tif on tue,gretl on wens and grace on thursday. for libreng sakay mon and wensday producer would be grace and writer is tif and vice versa, tue and thur is me me and gretel and vice versa.

YEAH I’m STILL in public affairs and I’m so happy about it harharhahrharharhahrha

new people in our team is from the promotions and from announcer pool:


so happy..puro beauties ang P.A ah LOL

I’ll continue finishing this but for now I’m tired.

I will give in on watching movies but I need to eat first!-

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My last day of suffering

thursday night:::

can you imagine how hard it is to produce, write and co host everyday for an early show with still alot of things to do beside this…waaaaahhh you’ll never know ha!!

because were in news gathering i didnt have time to go to SWAFO and ask them to be our guest for LS komentaryo so what I did is to think of a topic that I can easily have a guest even for 15 minutes.

-i have thought of why not guest the high school students that are inquiring in our university..hmmms sounds good ha! ahahhahahahahahha

-I was also inform that thessa would not be able to host the program for tomorrow so I have asked Pia manacho if she can and she said that she would ask permission first to kuya vhani because that’s the rule. So I have thought that me getting kaven to co-host is really not a good idea remembring that after my show that thursday mam Quadra our prof and the one who is i n charge of LS radio scold me for having so many voices in our program and asking me why do I need to have kaven when It seems that thessa and I sould handle the whole program. That was scary but I’m a bit flatter that she thinks thessa and I could handle the show on our own. mam’s comment gave me the courage. thanks mam!haha

-to kaven, I’m sso thankful to have you in my program. even though I said that it’s a huge mistake to have you I know that I can’t change the fact that back to those moments I’m so thankful and I will always be. So pls dont take my bad mouthing to seriously..haha


-I went to school really early and searched for guest like going to CEAT to asked ITC to be our guest because pia told me that it would be better to have an officail regarding my topic about the image of our university in the eyes of people outside though personally I think its ok to only have a real person as a guest besides it’s our opnion that counts but then I perfectly underrstand the point of pia so I tried my best to search for one and after having the coiurage to talk to ITC in CEAT that is full of boys haha-maria clara???- I had known that they still have the office in MAH and they referred me to have a guest form there. It was 15 mins before nine and I was like what the hell waaaaaahhh.. I’m not running but it felt like my walking is faster thatn anyone who runs at that time hahaha.. I’m already outsid the office of ITC but I dont know how would I approoach them to guest in my show that would about to air in 10 mins waaaaa…luckily I was able to talked to a women from the office that looks like she’s going to the canteen. She told me that I should talk to their director and she will arrived in any moment but I cant wait for that moment coz I need to move fast to search for a student or a parent that would guest in our show.

first trial: me, asking a man in jfh kubo “sir parent po kayo ng mag eenroll po dito?”

kuya: hindi

2nd trial:

me: ay ate inaantay nyo ppo ba yung mga anak niyo?

mga ate: hindi, nag aaral kami dito jan sa may computer

me: ay sori po

3rd trial:

mga batabg babae na naglalakad na may hawak na envelope

me: mga ate mag eenrol ba kayo dito?

mga te: oo

me: ayan pwede ba kayong iguest sa LS radio kahit 30 mins lang

mga ate: may nag aantay po samin eh

me: 15 mins pls pls, babagsak ako pag di kayo pumunta

mga ate: anu,tara mabilis lang naman

isang ate: iiihhhh, nagmamadali yung nag aantay samin eh

pagkatapos nag medyo mahaba habang sapilitan nauwi din sa wala

pabalik na ko sa radio booth ng nakita ko ang dalawang magnanay naglalakad sa tapat ng jfh, yes this must be it and they are really the fated guest for the day hahahhahaa

-after having them for 30 mins in the show, nagpasalamat ako and then pam arrived. I asked her to take over the consule because it’s hard for me to focus on hosting while taking a good look at the console.

after going to class, I went straight to LS for kim’s program and asked her about the topic which was replaced by another topic because it didnt went well. All I can say is that Episode of LS is not good,though it was save in the end.

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-like before I prepared the script and i’m as early as before though this time I’m early than kaven wahahaahahaaaaaah

-we start the program without pam, though when she arrived she manage to help me on managing the console. the guest arrived at 9:30 and after the program we really thank them for allowing us to invite them.

-after that we went for news gathering and we are very thankful that our afternoon show was being cancelled to give us time for our news gathering for enr 2

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yay I want to watch now the stage of play and blog a review about it but I should finish this first before my memory of the past fades…grrrrrrr

swear from now on i would write every details in a journal as soon as I experienced it. Remembering ang typing the past is so tiring gaaaaaaaaawd!!

Okie, moving on, as usual I arrived Early and then again kaven is as early as yesterday. he is on the console and doing his business. It’s funny because I even think that he is in charged of the music only to realized lateer on when I’m more familiar in the booth that it is kuya christian who fix the whole thing and played the whole music..nyahahhaha. It is just that you could have your choice of music and that it what kaven is doing.

I already had the printed and photocopied script and I was informed that I can use the old tapes so we dont need to buy a new one lol!

the program starts without pam, I’m the one whose in charge in the console while having a talk with thessa and kaven we are waiting for our guest that would arrive 15 mins before our shoul would end. wow! so while waiting we are discussing ang giving views and I think managing the console is not that bad. I even got time on studying how to mmanage it and take note Im not nervous as before wahahahaa

our program ends and the news team is on the go after us and I think they have this little commotion before the broadcast starts because they cant find the news bed and i was like move aside I can fix that wahahahhahahahahahahhaha

It felt so good if you know a lot of thigs but dont be too proud about it coz it doesn’t look cool man, it’s irritating!!

-at 1pm I saw kim and she told me that the guest from USC didnt arrived so she dont have any guest and instead the team have thought of changing it to CLASC, we went to there office but we failed to have them because there are only two people that day, the other one is part before of CLASC and the other one is outgoing officer and what we need is an INCOMING officer but if you dont have any choice an outgoing is ok. Unfortunately he/she haha needs to do something at 1pm because his already a graduate and he needs to fix a lot of things before he leave so no choice we had alex, one of our blockmates and also a frend of mine to be our guest because she is the incoming treasurer for this year. CONGRAT’S ALEXA ROSEL REYES,GO SINAG!!!!!

thanks to our intelligent guest for saving our afternoon program..your the best haha

after the show I went to our university’s church to invite someone from there that could guest from my show for the next day. my topic would be the participation of students in lasalle dasmarinas in our university church activities.

actually even before my show in the morning starts I already went to the church but I back off after hearing a lot of voices from the office that was reffered to me because apparantly there are two office,one is in the second floor and the other is in third floor though I dont know the difference of the two.

And now I’m going back again but this time I have someone with me. I’m with tiff she is wondergirls ye eun haha I’m yoobin, and sunye is grace,sunmi is mece and sohee is ate karen LOL..we are the wonderfriends, isnt it lovely. from superfriends we are upgraded to the next level..lurve WG!lol

Luckily there is only the secretary in the office in the third floor, how lucky we are I’ve thought to myself. I told mr.secretary my agenda and it’s so kind of him to ask us to return later at around 3pm for confirmation of tomorrows guesting. You can tell how badly I gave importance with the time because if didnt accept my invitation I need to look up fast for another guest and it is not that easy with the busy schedule of the people today I need to make an appointment as early as possible. So before 3pm we are already at the office again in third floor, before that we came from POLCA to invite them to guest in our show for the next monday. we also went to SWAFO to invite them to guest on friday but unfortunately the office is closed because they are doing there year end workshop. Isn’t it late to have a year end workshop?haha..Oh wait I’m not with tiff all along I’m with kim then we met tif in SQUARE right after we came from the church and was asked to come back at 3pm. from there I’m with kim and tif, yes that’s the way it goes. Before we cam to POLCA we went first to VCAR for kim’s topic for LS. Sadly she doesnt have a letter and VCAR is too busy to entertain such guesting. Wanna chill mam?!hehe

When we were in POLCA I really have high hopes that they would guest on monday though I think I have talked to a new employee and not the same old women I used to talk to when I borrowed there sound system when I’m still in teatro. So much for going back, we went to church again to confrim if they would have time to guest or not but unfortunately the seminar that the head is holding on the fourth floor of the church will take 3 days LOL.

Gloomy as I am we walked down the stairs and before that grace and misi is already with us minus kim because of a vary funny unexpected happenings LOL. As I was saying we were walking down the stairs when we pass by this office in the second floor so I have thought to myself why dont I try to invite them regarding the matter besides they are still part of the church right. So we went there and told them my piece but apparantly they are not in charge of the activities of the church because they are more of the lasallian formation in the university. And I’m thinking that whatever your concern is, ir’s ok because the thing that I want to discuss is the performance of the students in connection to spiritual activities so I told them that I’ve changed the topic already on the spot knowing that they have already known my original topic. So what, I told to myself I need to have a guest and they are perfect to be bu they dont want to so I’ll give up?? na-ah-ah I need to persue them even if it stains my dignity as a future media person becaus ethey told me that I should have the questions ahead to show them before they will decide to guest for tomorrow shows. Though I’m a bit irritated and I’m slowly losing hope I kept on persuing and explaining to them my side though I know that I do have a fault and even if I lose face I will not go without that a single sign of confirmation about them and that’s what a real student of broadcast jousnalism should be. be brave and learn to accept your mistake at the same time dont be distracted with negative comments that you would easily give up and try to look for another guest instead let it motivate you to convince them and show them your gratitude with your smile because whatever reaction you got from them you should endure it because your the one who is asking the favor and in the wrong side.

But pls for those who are in the position of asked by favors be more considerate and think about the feelings of those who are asking for favor. they are eating their shyness away and setting aside there pride so pls you dont need to tell them to there face that hey your “ASKING US A FAVOR” because they already know it.

back to the story, finally they told me that If I would be able to send them the question through mail before 5pm perhaps they can consider about it. So after sending the questions that I formulate within what ahm within 5 haha. You need to work fast when you have to hahah. so after I send them the questions I felt so happy and thrilled. This position in LS really gives me the drive to workhard.

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-Grace and I had met at 6:30am in 7′11 so that we could arrived at school before eight.

-I went straight to tsiklet to print my script and have it photocopied

-I arrived early in the booth and all I can see is kaven and ate russel. harhar

-I remember that I should have invited a guest to discuss with us the situation that a famous broadcaster known for ted failon is in.

-I failed to have a guest. Thesa had already arrived and so is pam with our tape for the program.

-Scared that we might be undertime I asked kaven to co host with us besides i have the say because I’m the producer

-kaven sat beside pam inside the console area. pam is the one who manage the console and the program begins.

-I must say that I’m really thankful that kaven co hosted with us beause I’m not that familiar from the topic. I know it’s a shame, knowing that I’m the one who thought about tje topic grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

-after that pam says that I should be able to invite a guest for the next day. before we leave I talked to kaven and asked him to co host with us for the next day. Because it seems that the host wanted him to stay probably because there woulnd’t been a dead air if his there because he knows a lot and talks a lot. but thessa says that it is still my call. from that monment I have thought that i should have done better and I should have made a lot of research but it should be understandable because I didnt have enough time on doing those things aside from the fact that i was ooohhh so tired from to be able to stay up so late.

I were not just that busy that monday i could be able to stnad not sleeping but because of our ENR we really did a lot of travel that day. We even had an accident. ahhhhhh so much for reasoning I should have still did my best. So for the satisfaction of my host, I invited kaven but it seems that thessa is just overwhelmed about theb situation that’s why when i invited keven to co host our program thessa gave me a glare as if saying “are you serious”…oopss i think I’m thinking too much…waaaaa LS your really something. It feels like LS radio is one of our majors and the main highlight for our summer this year. Well it really looks that way

after the program I immediately think for a topic. actually I’m more of thinking for a guest before the topic. well our task changed and it goes like this I will be the producer/writer/co-host for my program and Kim will be the producer and Ian is the writer for Libreng sakay and I’m the assistant director. so much work huh!!!you might think that it is very tiring and it is but at the same time if you really enjoy what you are doing you can find happiness from it regardless of how difficult it is. I’m tired but it’s fun and I’m enjoying the load and I really appreciate pam because of this. were not that close and we are always joking around..she actually teases me a lot that sometimes I look at it as a burden but with this I think i have known her more than what I see her before and she’s good. so dont judge anyone, learn to know them first before you say that she’s like this and that. Ok?OKIE! As I was saying I went to Library to invite sir lubsng and told him that the topic would be all about his books and that is the original plan but after a while I have thought that we are like promoting his book and our program is a radio commentary and not promotions so I have thought of discussing the Importance nowadays of History for college students because if you will think about it before when we were in our elementary days we are seeing our heroes in a different light. we really look up to them but now personally I’m in doubt if Rizal is appropriate to be called our national hero instead of Bonifacio. Thoughts like that made me think of our new topic and I have also realized that is history still needed now that we are facing so much trouble like recession and several diseases. It felt like why do we need to study history if it wouldn’t be any of help with our country’s current situation. So those questions and views are the things that I want to share to our program so I made another opening and closing spill and make our script more serious because earlier thessa says that our script is similar to the popular program of love radio to think that we are discussing serious matter. i personally think that thessa is so harsh when she says that but I hmmm the truth hurts right because my intention is to have a cool and funny atmosphere just like my last program which is Lingon at Sulyap that I overlooked the concept that LS Radio Komentaryo should have. I would like to thank Thessa Sandoval for the constructive criticism.

after that I remember going to our class and rushing again to our radio booth for Libreng sakay. I saw kim the producer for LS and I asked her about her topic, guest and script. I saw pam with two of our guest. our topic on that afternoon is about being in a performing arts group or PAG. I enjoy the talk and the guest are entertaining especially jessica haha. she is like a sister to me, we were batchmate way back in 2008 when I’m stll in a theater group that she’s in.

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First busy day

OMG I need to type fast while I can still remember the happenings regarding LS radio for the last two weeks. waaaaaaaaaaa….screw me but I badly needed this because it this blog will be submitted in our finals this summer haha.

contunuing the story, wait I think it would take time if I narrate the whole thing so I’ll just write the events accordingly.

-I arrived at school at around 10am.

-I looked for pam but I had known that she doesn’t have rizal as well

-I look for Ian who is also included in public affairs team and asked him about our topic for libreng sakay which will air after lunch, exactly one in the afternoon

-I was sooo nervous back then because I’m not that familiar on our radio booth and just thinking about me being an assistant director and thinking of failing on doing my duty and the worst thinking about our professor’s name is enough to make me feel dead nervous.

-I can’t remember if we have ENR that day

-I arrived in front of the closed LS radio at exactly 1pm and our show should air in 1pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!duh what a beginning—nervous mode strikes again!!yay~~~

-I texted pam about the host of our program. Gretel and Marco will be hosting LS for the week

-the guest from communication program council arrived and yet the booth is still closed. what a shame

-the host arrived but because the booth is still closed they said to kill time somewhere

- Kuya christian who is incharge of the LS radio and one of the MPR boys finally arrives.

-We are supposed to air immediately but there’s no director, writer or PA from our team in short I’m the only one from public affairs on that time..pressured—-pressured….and the host is not yet there!!!waaaa where are they——sweat~sweat

-I text pam immediately, asking her the topic and the medium

-I asked for the number of our host and texted them immediately

-I update pam about the situation and asked where she is and she is still miles a way. the people in the booth thinks that she can make it on time–on time of the end of our program..ahhhhhhhh.

-I must do somethihng because I’m the AD. then suddenly the writer appears..hooray!!!!!!!!

note: I’m confused I dont know if its 11:30 or 1pm hmmmmm….must confirm it but for the mean time I’m gonna stick with 1pm haha

-We set a time to air and after several songs that is our scapegoat for being nervous on starting the program whahahha

-the program begins and it went smoothly

-Kim arrived and seconds after our director also came..were complete!GO Public affairs team

-Well I think first time is not that bad. we end up having an undertime..Cheer up It’s ok!! YEAH!!

wow, that’s the first day haha…after that pam called for a meeting for tomorrows show. We have decided to our position. Me being the AD and Ian the writer but Kim ummmmmmm..Asked pam lol!! before that nday ends I received a text message from pam saying that I will be a producer and writer for LS Radyo Komentaryo, 9:15 am to 10:00. I was like whatttttttt!!!!why say it just now!!gosh. I can still remember that we are in Mece’s house doing our flash news for ENR. My head is aching just the thought of going home late and still be doing scripts aside from the fact that I haven’t thought of any topic for the program. ~sighs~

wait I think i’m rembering vague scenes from that day..I think we dont have ENR and the program should air at 11am and not 1pm but there’s no printed script yet and there’s no tape so we adjusted the airing to 12pm but unfortunately the booth will be closed from 12-1pm because it is lunch time for kuya christian.

yes that’s it!! so me waiting outside with of the closed LS radio didnt happen that day!haha!

so finishing my first busy day for summer, I arrived so late at home perhpas around 11pm then I texted thessa the host for my program regarding the topic which is about “the case of ted failons wife”. the topic is really timely. while doing the script i kepp on thinking about how would be the program and end up doing a satisfactory script. before I forgot thessa, my host replied saying something like next time I should inform her earlier about the topic so that she can research too because she also have a lot of things to do. At first when i read th sms I felt irritated but after a while I felt sorry to because I should have texted her right after I had finalized the topic but then again there’s a voice in my head saying “it’s not your fault, if the director had inform you earlier you could have inform earlier the host as well nevertheless I love the host..thessa peace out!!!!

And OMG this night took soooo long waaaaaaaaaa—before I went to sleep I remeber the text pam sent me before I make the script, “dapat host ka nga daw sabi ni mam”

whaaaaat??????!I felt bombarded at first and even think of rejecting the responsibility but later on i realized that I should keep on accepting responsibilities instead of shoooooiiiiing away from it. if I want to impressed our prof I should double or triple my efforts. that’s the thought in my head before I went to sleep.

—end of first day!!!!

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