Friday, December 25, 2009



From online networking to text messages, I’ve been receiving comments and messages of Christmas greetings and I think it will last till tomorrow

But wait, does Buddhism practiced Christmas???tsktskk..LOST lol!

And before this beautiful day ends, I have decided to write the THINGS that had happened in my interesting life since the day that I had written my last entry.

First on the list is the family reunion with my mother’s relatives. I had all the fun with that overnight swimming and I literally swim over night! lol! Blamed it to my skin, I easily get dark whenever I swim in daylight so lesson learned.We’re almost complete that day and I love it! How many years have passed since this grand reunion..ahhh you’ll never know.

Everything is going along fine, if only people knows how to apply the term CONSIDERATION tsktskk but unfortunately they belong to the canal shape minds like some individual do (or is it me, like that’s what they’re saying..SHOCKS!)

As I return to Cavite, I was greeted by a text of one of my thesis mate and saying that we have to do something tomorrow meaning I should come to their house in the exact time to get the task done. And I was like okay though I felt a little uncomfortable being in their house because of what had happened with us. (I accidentally and clumsily vandalized her mp3 and of course what do you expect from a person who valued her things so much) And so I was brushing off the feeling because we’re friends after all and thinking that another friend is coming from Batangas so we would not be alone the whole day.Another thing, you know what I hate in text messages…some people would really text you in a very formal manner…I hate those kinds. I would rather talk to them in person than receiving such cold messages..where is the warmth people! C’mon show it and express it in your messages. Perhaps they learned it from other who’s to blame? THEM! (Who’s them? haha…people- ourselves because of over analyzing!Really huh!)

As my story continues, I got to their house and a little bit early than the expected time (whenever you’re with them you should practice punctuality…….you know the story so well….RIGHT!) We’ve slept some more in her bed while waiting for the other one. Then i woke up and still the other one is not yet coming so I’ve started my part until the other one arrived. Feeling that I’m wasting my time there..I’ve decided to go home early and continue what I’m doing there in my home because as I see it there’s no need to go in her place to do such things..tsktskk..what a waste of money for transportation..tsktskk

Well perhaps one factor is that we are supposed to visit a feminist but it didn’t happened so that it.

When I got home, we got the money that my mother have sent to me so my father and I decided to get my hair done and he is SUPER EXCITED! Very funny! I have alot of fun with the salon with ate angela…the rebounded hair that only last for 4 days..WTF! The disappointment was written in my face after I took a bath. I knew it! I knew it that my hair would be over if I wash it..but what can I do I’m not a magician to take it back.

Before I forgot in that four days with my fantastic hair, kim and I had a blast on finding OJT site in the street of Makati! I had fun with that! Just imagining that I’ll be having my on job training there really got me excited. Malls, Fashion, People..urgh! Love the surrounding. Felt a little bit of an elite.

I’ve also dined out with my cousins and aunts in both sides of my parents with their friends to celebrate my birthday and as well as my cousin’s birthday.It’s very tiring, but so memorable…AIR GAPS fuck the way!hahahaha

I should have written all the things that had happened but I felt tired so I’ll just re edit this from time to time..haha