Sunday, June 27, 2010



Prosecutor Princess

Prosecutor Princess (2010)
Rating: 10/10

Finally! I've finished watching this series. I'm having hesitations couple of hours ago on whether I'll continue the drama or not but at the end I take into consideration that there is only an episode left..just an hour to hold the pain..and now aaaaahh! I'm all giddy here..this is the best korean drama that I have ever seen for 2010. PERFECT storyline, casting and everything. Now, I want to have a family of my own!!

Para Kay B

Bad Guy

This is something that caught my attention and I'mm rooting for this drama..
I'm so excited for this, can't wait!

Meet Me Halfway


Monday, June 21, 2010

Luv D.N.A

I never knew that I would love Mc mong's song..great!


I've been following cathy's work for several months now and everytime she covers a song I always search for that track and download it. It's cathy nguyen's effect on me. And now after watching her cover of Airplanes, I automatically like that song now and I'm going to download it also after a few seconds :D

Magic Girl

Cuteness attacks Kpop once again. Since the era of the cuteness genre that started from snsd this is the first time that I really appreciate this side of kpop. haha! And that is because nana is here. As long as nana is with orange caramel, I will forever love this group. And while watching them perform I felt like experiencing a cuteness overload lol! They are so adorable...♪♫ eotteoke..eotteoke ♪♫

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kana Nishino

I'm currently into Jpop and I'm listening to this album by Kana Nishino and though I don't understand the meaning of it, I find it very soothing and it really suits my mood for today..ballad can really send you to sleep :D

Death Bell 2

The soundtrack is a winner! And I'm excited to watch Death Bell 2 for the good feedbacks that the first sequel is receiving..daebak!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm squealing all around my room

Now I know why people kiss, it looks satisfying after a ton of pain (screamss!!!!)

Prosecutor Princess Effect

My heart hurts and my eyes are flowing with salty liquid..
I can't breathe...


Nice avril..
"you make me so hot..."

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ako ay kinakabahan na para bukas.

One Love


And all the roads we have to walk along are winding..
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding..
There are many things that I would..
Like to say to you!

I don't know how...

My Guy

Park shi hoo is the center of my affection now. I wish that blueberry is like him. And when I say "like" it should be in mind,body and soul.

Tell Me Goodbye

Bigbang never fails to amaze me..
Love TOP's always

"Yo and it’s so, so
Sad it just ain’t happening
Wish it could be better
Sorry to be scrapping
But I just can’t let ya
Shouldn’t be less than happy
I said look at me
I couldn’t live with myself seeing you lacking
The things you deserve
Baby you was a part ?
Must believe that it hurts
That lead this world
I feel the aching through my body
It just takes a bigger part of me
To be let you go
I wish that one soul"

Novice Reporter

A footage way back in college.
This is my first stand upper when I was in 3rd year.
I'm so proud of myself lol!

Honey Honey Baby

Something for my soul..

Sunday, June 13, 2010


ah!screams!!! Nana's fanboy in me was awaken once again rofl!
After school for the WIN!

"hey,hey,you,you..I don't want your girlfriend" lol!


♪♫ Lapit sa akin..♪♫---A line from the song that leaves me wanting more..
I haven't heard the whole song yet aside from always hearing my favorite line in our office pantry ^^.. ♪♫ Lapit sa akin..♪♫


"I'm gonna get this fire started
impossible for you to breath
the temperatures rising up (up, so hot)
cause I'm burning up"

Prosecutor Princess Kissing Scene ep. 7

AHhhhh~~~screams!! I'm dying! I'm currently watching Prosecutor Princess online and this scene struck me! I want my blueberry to be this aggressive haha! Shocks!

Epic Fail

Verbal harassment is so FAIL. Make a wrong move there and I'll sew your mouth shut!

Random Thought

Why men can't help flirting even though they are already in a relationship?! I'm not against it, just wondering...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear John

Last movie I saw…

Dear John (2010)
Directed by: Lasse Hallstrom

Channing Tatum
Amanda Seyfried

I'm really curious about the novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks because of some of his famous works like The Notebook and A Walk To Remember that I like best. And aside from that I heard from a friend that Dear John is really good but the thing is I'm not sure if she's talking about the book or the movie. And because I'm not that motivated on reading books I prefer to see Dear John on screen even though I have an ebook of the novel. So I searched for the movie and I tried to enjoy it but unfortunately I didn't.

The first part of the film is quite good and I'm actually digging the twist or the issue of the story because I don't have any idea on what Dear John is about but I think the problem lies on trying to put the details of the novel in the movie. We really can't compare a novel to its movie version, that doesn't make any sense, right?! And I'm really annoyed to those people who are always saying that they prefer the book than the movie. And you know what, this is what I have to say "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

How the hell can you put all of those pages anyway in a limited frame for films..err! no brainy!

Moving forward, the acting is convincing so as the music scoring and cinematography. I guess all I have to say is that I don't like the conflict. Not my taste of burden. I love the ending though.


..because I'm a drama queen..

Scouting For Girls

My current addiction..

Hell yeah! SFG rocks! Listening to their songs makes me feel that I have a boyfriend. Rofl! And that is for real..I want my blueberry to sing their songs for me.. ^^
And I'm wishing, hoping and praying that he feels the same way like what the lyrics says. I just can't help imagining and giggling while their tracks is on fire in my playlist. I want it and I'm loving it. Good job sfg, I'm feeling your songs so therefore I feel you guys. haha

And here is my top 3:


I'm a follower of gaga's hits and not gaga. Whenever I hear her songs for the first time I would always think that it's not worth my time. But after several days I can't help on repeating the tracks over and over. That's how gaga's spell works for me and this time with her song Alejandro. It took me an hour just to search for the full length music video of alejandro and it's quite disappointing for me because I'm expecting a more upbeat track but the song can send me off to sleep. Let's see if I will grow to like the song and I know i will.. LOL!

The video is again unique, like how gaga's video should be. There is just this scene that I find kinda disturbing, the swallowing of the rosary, but overall I like the weirdness and my conclusion..perhaps gaga loves twilight :D

My Love

Wanna dance to this song someday :D