Monday, December 27, 2010

Painting You

A good english cover for Brave Brother's "Painting" featuring the gorgeous Kang Min Kyung.

But of course nothing beats the original :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Parang Ayoko Na Ata

I know what you're thinking right now..right! I'm having a PNE marathon. Can't help it. It's like a food full of veggies that is sooooooo not appetizing but when you taste it the feel is changing and so is the craving for the dish..ahhh!!

From PNE's "Miss Pakipot", "Wag Mo Na Sana" to this and I know that there's more.
I actually like the twist in this song..cute guy.

Minamahal Kita

I'm looking for a song and I'm not even sure if it's parokya's song. All I know is it is OPM and sounds like a material from a pinoy band. I heard the song in a taxi way back home. It sounds refreshing and I want to hear the lyrics again. The only line that I remember is "pag-ibig nasa tabi tabi" and that's it! errrrr.. if only I pay more attention to it and now this..I discover this song and I like it. Feels like I'm back to highschool again. Those kind of stupid barkada crush thing. kekekeke

Smile, Mom

I want to watch this so much because of minkyung if and only it is not 50 episodes long T_T


I really want to see them singing this live but unfortunately the title is a big issue..tsktstkkk. Anyway Minkyung and Dong won is a good pair. I think they also match(shipper!) but I'm really a fan of Kang Min Kyung but not Davichi and I'm also fond of Beast though I wish they'll change their name because the only beast for me is 2pm :)

Wake Up

I wish they perform this..even once

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ok! I'm not a fan of Bruno Mars and I have nothing against him but I guess I really like his songs. I don't even know that this is his song..(so what?)

Happy Holidays!

Ilang beses ko na bang nasabi 'to? Hundred times na ata sa mga call ko.
Kaya naman ngayon ang gusto kong bigkasin ay "Merry Christmas" folks!
Kahit di nakapagcelebrate ng despiras..okay na rin dahil naabutan pa ang real event :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


This might represent another side of me :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Yeah

BB will always be the biggest bang in my life..
especially with TOP and Gdragon around.


it always comes in a scary package!


Christmas Party

ok :)


I have enough of those for this week!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


There's a lot of things that I need to share to but I'm so over tired.
laziness is the worst enemy :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


Oh My GOD! I was following this beauty guru in YT and I came across on one of her videos about self esteem. I know that people might find it so shallow but I almost leap with joy or pride? after hearing my fav quote of all time. I think every one in college knows that I am the title holder of this saying "Be yourself, say what you feel because people who mind don't matter and people that matters, don't mind!"...spell PERFECT!

So yeah! Fuck the haters!

Make Up Attack

Yes! Guilty! This days that I'm off to work all I did is to research on what make up to buy..and I go nuts with all the reviews. Here I go again, wanting to own make ups but in the end I'll just use it twice or thrice for I'm a girl that is really not fond of putting make up on my face. I hope that's a positive remark :p

Secret Garden

I'm always a big fan of Ha Ji Won. Ever since her appearance in the horror flick "Phone" in 2002. Especially with her pairing with Jo In Sung in the tragic drama "Memories of Bali". She is the best actress in the entire industry for me aside from Kim Ha Neul, Son Ye Jin and Sun Yuri. And I can't wait to watch Secret Garden.

This is not the first time that Hyun Bin and HJW team up in a project. I remember seeing HB in "Daddy Long Legs" though he is not the main lead. I'm still rooting for them to be paired and here it is..granted. I can't believe how popular it is right now in Korea. I hope that it will continue up to next year. Believing that there is a star studded list of drama for 2011 including Athena: Goddess of War. But anyway I don't think that they will have the same timeslot. And moving forward it is not only the drama that I like but also the soundtrack.

Baek Ji Young's "That Woman" captured me once again in a very heartbreaking melody. I love the lyrics and the emotions in it. ahhh I feel like crying T_T

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pass Time

but is sooo busy :)


I find this videos very entertaining because out of SNSD, I love Jessica the most. It's the personality plus the looks that made me want her. Our ice princess is daebak!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm watching the latest episode of vampire diaries and I can't stop weeping now. This episode leaves a heavy burden on my chest! Oh how I love it!

So Hot!

This Christmas

Ever since I'm a JYP baby! I love every artists in this management but it doesn't mean to say that I'm not fond of other companies. I like SM, YG, DSP, Pledis, Mnet and all the under rated agencies in S. Korea. But in every list there's a favorite and JYP is the apple of my affection. haha. So I wanna fall in love this christmas (not true) ..just lovin' the song. Seeing JYP Nation is like being in heaven, if that's how it feels to be in heaven :)

Rest Day

This is the only REST DAY ever since I started working that I appreciate alot!
Maybe because this week has been really stressful, physically, in terms of waking up early and coming home late. Not only that but I also felt so tired on waiting for the shuttle. That is why next move? change location T_T

I know it's hard. I did think about that for how may days and I'm always ignoring the reality that it is hard for me to work in araneta and live in makati. Probably because I don't want to lose the only connection that I have with the people that I loved most at work. From my batchmates way back in ILS to batch 58 in mobility to TEAM HYDRA. Market is the only tie that bind us but I have to let it go. Like what my dad advised me "that's how it goes".

I can't always stick to them. People come and go in the industry that I'm in and that's sad. I still can't adjust to that painful truth but hopefully I'll learn to overcome it in the future.I'll never forget and will always treasure the days I'd spent with my housemates, kuya mars, jenifer and the newest addition to our clique rose.

I had so much fun snoring the whole day with your piggy position while sleeping. Gonna miss you!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Amnesia Girl

My Amnesia Girl(2010)
Directed by:Cathy Garcia-Molina

John Lloyd Cruz
Toni Gonzaga

I watched this alone in theater and I was not able to watch it till the end because of the damn CR! Gosh! Market2x should start constructing lavatory on their cinema. What an inconvenience! But I was able to finished the film in our dorm and over all it is a competitive film. I love the plot and good thing that it is not a copycat of the infamous 50 first dates. And though it looks like a common scenario star cinema was able to deliver it in a unique storyline plus it's much closer to reality compared to a plot about a girl who always forgets. (additional points for a reality based story sucker like me :D)

Thursday, December 2, 2010