Saturday, January 30, 2010


A few hours ago that would make it January 29 instead of January 30 that is the date for this day. Am I making sense? I just want to emphasize the not so large gap of time when my father and I went outside to have a photocopy of my handouts in Ethics for Kim because she don't have a copy of it yet. While were outside we are joking a round and he bought me a cone of ice cream that can still be considered to eat for a lacto vegetarian like me. We are simply having fun until we dropped by to South Star Drug because I need to buy something. At the counter I noticed the goods that the woman before me have bought. It cost around 500 pesos and all the stuff are like for kids. Food for field trips like junk foods, chips and drinks. I suddenly misses my mom. I remember when I'm going to a field trip, I was like the student that brings a lot of food as in exaggerated!!

I like to feel the feeling of that once again..T_T
Because of my busy schedule I'm unable to visit my mother in Batangas and I'm missing her and of course also my sister..
So lucky you that have your mom by your side. TREASURE that moment and don't waste it!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Imeem is dead!

Well that goes for me. I discover this just now...right!I know I'm mega super late on this issue but I really haven't thought that this would happen. I love imeem, I can search the songs that I've wanted and I could create an account and list of my playlist. It's really awesome! It's been a while since I've last visited imeem but a few minutes ago I was like recording songs( it's a habit..) and I wanted to sing Sin Soon Suk Tee by Panadda Ruangwut from Sawan Biang's OST but google keeps on giving me links of imeem in myspace so I was like WTF! I typed but still the same, it just kept on redirecting to myspace. I wondered what was happening, I have thought that there might be something wrong with my system(virus attack or something) so I tried to google "what happened to imeem" and there, it gave me the answer. Not sure with the source though but according to the accounts that I've read imeem has been bought by myspace after imeem was forced to be shut down by world wide web and FBI because they don't have enough money for renewing their license and legalization and at the same time for the reason that they are previewing free musics that is prohibited to the law for not renewing license. But they didn't transfer the whole data from imeem to myspace so your friends and accounts are what now?(Disclaimer: This is really not clear to me so just try to google why did it happened for more clear explanations) I don't want to create account in myspace so I'll just forget imeem and try to search an alternative for it tsktsk! But I miss imeem! my account, my playlist, my musics.....t_T

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shout out!

While browsing some stuff at candy forums this shout out caught my interest.. my current motto haha..


  • gummi bear
  • *****
...Huwag kang magseryoso sa taong hindi naman interesado sa'yo. Para ka lang nagpagod maperfect ang isang exam na hindi naman recorded...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bubble Split

The day of my show! Yeah it's my show, Bubble split is mine! Because I'm the Executive Producer so save you're shit!War freak?Just kidding. Gosh I know that I've exceeded the amount that I should spend in this prod but what can I do I'm the EP and it's my responsibility to provide things for my group. What's funny is, it seems that it becomes a legacy..haha! Our last EP shoulders some expenses big time though some got to pay her but I haven't yet. (Sorry 'te mili @_@) And yesterday I kept on telling myself that I should not spend my own money and maximize the group's fund but wtf it's not even a fund! Only four people share a hundred bucks and I've bought materials the other day and it's not even enough. Woah! I think I really spend a lot on this production but when it's time to ask the group to pay for the charges I got tired and thought that I just let this pass. Ending? I did not include my expenses to the total amount of the groups balance. Ain't that nice?ahaha. It's because I'm an angel..

And for our talents, JOU12..Oh how thankful I am that you're there and I appreciate you so so much. I regret that I haven't had a decent goodbye to them yesterday after the show.
Anyway xoxo, I know they love me!chos! Chismosa 'te!lol!

Program: Bubble Split
Genre: Gag Show
Cast: Jenica Mangquilat, Christian Vasquez, Mrtyle, Glezelle, Maniecely, Day Ann, Pati
Running Time: 20 minutes
Segments: Chismosa 'te (Gossip Girl Parody), Manny Villar Parody, Simpleng Banat

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going.-Anon

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sunmi would be leaving Wonder Girls, my ultimate group for kpop.....this can't be happening! This can't be!I'm so fucked up!!!!!!!!I'm stress out from OJT, Productions, ETHICS and now this?!gazillion fuck!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last movie I saw…
Apocalypto (2006)
Directed by: Mel Gibson

Rudy Youngblood

I've seen this film before and it was so so, I mean at the moment that I'm watching it I'm in it but when the film ended the emotions just subsides. But I find the urge to write something about this late to be recognized as "unbelievable film" when I have watched it again this afternoon in the bus while I'm going to my university. I'm actually watching this with earphones in my ear. yeah!great! You know, when your in a bus you don't expect to see good films because they always play an old Pinoy film or American Indie films. If not comedy it would be a super bloody action. Hell! So I always bring my earphone with me aside from the fact that I love music and this afternoon this film grows in me. I'm watching this with full attention and it feels that it's my first time seeing this movie. I wanna react, I wanna scream and bad mouth some of the fucking assholes in it but hey I'm in a bus so behave. As I observed it's not only me who is very absorbed in it but even the other passengers are talking to each other and wondering what's the title or the story of the film. huh! I know the film, hooray! Okay, let's set aside my side stories and focus on the film itself. I have known from a friend that this was actually produced and directed by Mel Gibson. He even did a research on the tribe that he used in it..they actually exist I believe..I'm not just sure if they are still though I believe that they are part of the history for sure! The language used in this is derived form the actual language that an ancient tribe are using. He also used Mexican actors because their features are quite similar to the tribes appearances. The actors studied how to speak the language and I'm not sure though but I believe that Mel Gibson got a help from an anthropologist in order to create this one of a kind film.

This is extraordinary. Aside from using language that is unknown to the large population of the world and resort on using subtitles for understanding it still manages to be a hit. Well definitely that is one of the reasons why this is loved because it's different. In my point of view this shows predation in a sense that a stronger tribe would defeat the weaker ones. Survival of the fittest indeed. You can actually learn a lot from watching this informative film. It also shows how some tribes like the one in this one haunts other tribes and sell them for their earnings and sake. That aspect of a tribe is so new to me because i haven't thought that in their time a tribe would have that reason for haunting. I thought that they would eat them..(that thought is really scary..I'm having goosebumps!)

I'm putting this review in the drama section because I just love the drama of Apocalypto. The lead actor touches my heart whenever I see his eyes. He seems so pure and...nah can't really explain. Watch this or you'll regret it. Definitely recommended.


OMG!!! I fell in love with this video. Head over heels! Even before, I have this thirst for Idol's love life especially if it involves another Idol. For those of you who are not familiar in what I'm talking about well in South Korea the music industry is referred to as KPOP that is short for Korean Pop. And Idol groups are what you called the hottest selling people in the industry like boy groups or girl groups. Whatever it is if your included in a group, you have a bigger chance to be known compared to solo performers but it's still depends on your appeal to the public. Idol Groups that are widely known in S.Korea are Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), Wonder Girls (WG), Bigbang (BB), 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior (SUJU), So Nyo Shi Dae (SNSD), KARA, 2NE1, 4Minute, FT Island, Shinee, T-ARA, After School and many more. Believe me..many more!lol!

So what's the issue, well in this video it involves two people from different group. 2ne1's Sandara Park or also known as Dara Park and 2pm's Jang Wooyoung. OMG just mentioning their name makes me so excited. haha. This fanmade video was made by a youtube user with an I.D of Cherry8Addict. Thanks so much cherry. The purpose of the video is to show that wooyoung has a love to share for dara..waaaa!fan in me screams! And I think that he really has a crush on her and I love it. The glances are the best!!!!! The music used in the video was so loved and I actually downloaded it and sang it from time to time. Can't resist it!! I hope that there would be a lot of interaction from these two in the future. (crossing fingers!)

August Rush

Last movie I saw…

August Rush (2007)
Directed by: Kirsten Sheridan
Freddie Highmore
Keri Russell
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This film is amazing. I've seen this last monday while were going to charles huang for our retreat. My classmates wants Ugly Truth to be played on our bus but fortunately the elders have stick to their choice. I'm very much thankful to them because this is such a touching film and definitely for family.

The film started with a scene that hints Aliens and gives a jeepers creepers vibe. Well that field is a common scene for some horror thriller film. If I could be the cinematographer I would still instill the purpose of that scene and that is to show to the audience that evan taylor has such ability to hear music and sounds literally and exaggeratedly. But I will definitely change it to a different setting, not on the field please. But that's the only part that I want to change in the film and the rest was beautifully made and even the ending..I love it! It is so meaningful and very idealistic. Given a chance I want to create a film like this..I could be the scriptwriter or the cinematographer. The atmosphere of this film is very touching. I got teary eyed actually.

So this is about what? Well August Rush is about a boy who grew up in an orphanage and claims that he hears his parents and eventually they will find him. He has genius talent on music. His ears are made for music. He even learn to play guitar like a genius in a matter of six months and not only that but he can play any instruments like a pro in a minute though it's his first time seeing them. Isn't just great? a talented kid indeed. And his purpose is to be FOUND. This film is rated A, it will really touch your hearts and if not your heart is made of stone. stone and stone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Overnight with your blockmates do the magic.
We did several exercises and activities that deals with our emotions in several things. If you're a graduating student, retreat is the best memory that would be left in your mind as the most memorable moment of your class together. For JOU4, nice meeting you. I Love YOU!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just A Little Bit Longer

Oh!OH!OOHH! I'm super happy! Isn't it obvious? lol..But sad at the same time t_T..why? I miss my sister!!!!!!!nah, we've part ed ways just hours ago and I'm missing her already. tsktsk

She is such a smart, bitch kid in town! haha! She will call me TIN and not with "ate"..gosh what is that..haha. She is one year old and seven months and I'm predicting that as time passes by her ways of cruelty will really improve a LOT! Believe me, don't under estimate her capacity..haha.
I remember the video clip that my cousin showed me yesterday, it's a clip involving my sister and my lil cousin and know what..haha..can't stop giggling huh..well my sister is like harassing my cousin in any way possible. She is stretching her violent arms and fingers scratching my cousin while she is lying on the's really epic! Kudos to my cousin for acting like an "ate" and matured in that situation. She just ignored my sister and did not give in to her actions. Bravo!!! That cousin of mine seems to be born to be someone in this world btw. (just being proud..can't help it)

After so many weeks of not seeing each other my family in my mother's side (wondering why? my parents are separated. It's nothing serious) travelled from batangas to dasma in my aunt's house last friday because they need to be in my university at 7am (well, 7am is very early because my defense starts at 8am..I just want to see my mother and hear words of encouragement) and they did actually but I'm expecting to see a crowd and not 2 representatives of my family. It just so happen that the people in my father's side can't make it because of several reasons like some of they are receiving it in a short notice, some are still in far off places and aren't schedule to come back to the date of my thesis defense and the last reason is some are just not aware of it...oops sorry. I really am. Moving on my defense was like a big surprise for me and I guess it's the same case with my thesismates. The panels can be mistaken as angels at that moment! haha!rofl! I love angels! and that day is wonderful! We didn't do any recitations in our ethic class, I'm having a good lunch with y family and receiving phone calls from both sides of my parents and congratulating me from a job well done. Someone even offer me for a singapore trip as a graduation gift! wAAH! Thanks tito!!!! Just hearing them that they are so proud of me and with my performance and achievements are the greatest gift that I can receive from them!!! Forget all the negative vibes that day and I just enjoy the company of my true blue fans..heart!heart!

Song for the day: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson
"I'm Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . ."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Will Survive

A lot of pending things to do but better than yesterday.
This is a hell week for me and perhaps for some of my classmates but It will soon be over..
I know! This coming Saturday will be our thesis defense. YES! thesis's coming to an end now..FINALLY! I'm going to be total free from everything..alright. No strings attached buddies!
Two more prod to go for Broadcast Management and all is set..not bad
Anyway I find it quite amusing that I've thought yesterday of singing Bo peep Bo peep of T-ara in our exit GA..LOL!!!! That would be fun so why not..gotta learn the moves...haha

Alright, need to get back in track. Today is OJT day and I think my boss would not like to hear from us that we're going to be off on work this coming Thursday and Friday to prepare for our thesis but sorry boss because that can't be changed..

But we promise that we would get back to work soon and do the best for the BRIDGE! yeah!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Certified BEGGAR!

"Your Daily Horoscope: January 10, 2010
Scorpio Oct. 23 - Nov 21 (Wrong Sign?)
If you begin to worry about your financial situation Scorpio, don't. This is one of those situations where if help is needed, it will arrive, even if you cannot see where it may come from as yet. Some of our resources are hidden from us, almost as if they were a kind of karma bank that we get access to in an emergency. The key to abundance is learning how to make deposits and withdrawals at will. Your advantage today is in opening up and discussing what you want your future to be, not what you think you can get. "-excerpt from facebook

GRABE!!!!I'm super broke! I need CASH people!!CASH!
I'm super stress from OJT, THESIS, PRODUCTIONS, PEOPLE, MYSELF and in addition I don't have enough money to continue all of this crazy activities...urgh!!!damn!

Gimme Sympathy

"Got no time to take a picture
I'll remember someday all the chances we took
We're so close to something better left unknown
We're so close to something better left unknown "

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hell yeah!!!

oh right!!! I felt like a shit for two reasons. First is for an exam that I thought is worth of cancelling my schedule of two days so that I could prepare for it but FAIL!..why?simple..the examination is so fucking SIMPLE! It's essay men! ESSAY! Anybody above 8 years old can make it..or should I say 5 yrs old? (kids nowadays are killing it! know what I mean) Moving on the second reason is because of poem reading. It is supposed to be a poem about your inspiration in life or anyone whom you want to give thanks to. But because my rusting brain would be no help at that moment I asked my classmate to give me any of his creations if he has and yes he did. Thanks Ian, I owe you one.
But that's not the issue, it is all about the poem reading. We read our "work" in front of the class...shocks!!!goodness!You don't know how nervous I am at that moment. Standing in front of Political Science students though they are younger than me, they possess brains with good quality
(that's why I told you that kids are genius-ly scary!) And as I'm reading the poem I'm hearing side comments that is sending not so good sound wave getting thru my earlobes, creating pressure on my eardrums, sending series of character up to my brain giving me a not so pleasant message. Message that is better to be left unnoticed.
I'm glad that it already ended. I'll just charge it to experience anyway I have a loads of embarrassing moment and compared to this, this is nothing so forget it...erase..erase..

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Spiritual works

Should I believe or not? - the ultimate question of the day

This past few weeks I've been encountering some sort of divine intervention, if that's what it is. I've been experiencing questions that I've never asked before for all of my fucking life.
So what's the deal, yeah what's going on right now.. I want to practice this and that but what's the RIGHT thing..does anyone really knows what is right and wrong..or are they just being persuaded of some heartbreaking explanations.

I admit that it's been ages since I last went to church but it doesn't give anyone the right to think that my faith is lesser that anybody else. Well, let's just say that I'm busy minding the real deal in, friends, teenage life and all that crap!

And now I've been in a Bible study session with one of my friends and I'm into this confusion stage. Questions, questions and more questions...I'm thirsty for answers but would I believe in it? really huh! I want to give it a try, I really wanted and I guess I should just stop thinking and give it a go..exposure might do good on my devious soul. AMEN

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Blogs

Okay...This is my first time to really try blogging outside social networking sites..urgh!! It's called IMPROVEMENT..LOL!!! This day is the official start of my blogging here in blogger so all of the post that you've seen from last year till early this year are my post from Friendster and Cyworld.
They are dated the same day that I've wrote and posted them. So stop wondering..haha

It is just a one tuesday afternoon, I'm alone in my room and I got bored and tired of thinking of all the activities and responsibilities that I should be doing so I thought of doing this instead just to divert my attention. I don't have plans or concept for this blog just a random write ups of my thoughts and experiences. This will served as a living proof of my battle in this beautiful chaotic earth. I'm hoping that I could update regularly amidst the busy schedule.

Ang Pilipinong si Jose Rizal

Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda

Ang ating PAMBANSANG BAYANI at nang dahil sayo nahihirapan ako ngayon. F*** you Rizal! Patay ka na pero malaking issue ka pa din hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Nagiging dahilan ng mga alitan at palitan ng opinyon ng marami. Mula sa palabas sa T.V hanggang sa takilya eh andun ka, sobra ka na! May pangarap ka palang maging artista. Hay, ginawa ka pang isang subject sa highschool at kolehiyo..SHET!

Kagabi nakapanood ako ng mga palabas na may kaugnayan sayo. Bayaning third world ng pinagpipitagang Broca’s apprentice na si Mike De Leon at GMA 7’s Case Unclosed na ang episode ay tungkol sa iyo. Paano kinukuha ko kasi yung subject mo ngayon..nak ng tokwa ka kasi eh, nahiligan mo pang magsulat ng mga librong tulad ng Noli at El Fili na malakas ang impluwensya sa publiko kasama na ang mga iba pang bayani lalo na kay Andres Bonifacio. Kunin ka ba namang pinuno ng himagsikan na di mo naman tinanggap. hmmp!!!Attitude! Dapat last year ko pa kinuha yung exam sayo eh kaso natakot ako na bumagsak kasi wala pa akong naaaral. Well hindi naman sa wala pang naaaral kaso talagang walang pumapasok na mga detalye tungkol sayo dito sa aking isipan..bakit kaya? ah baka dahil makabonifacio ako..totoo?..hindi, nasabi lang dahil ayoko sayo..totoo?..ewan ko lang ngayon ah, pareho kasi tayong manunulat eh. tsktsk. Masama ‘to hating hati na ang paniniwala ko sayo, hindi buo. Nung kabataan ko alam ko gusto kita, aba syempre pambansang bayani ka ata tulad na lamang ng kalabaw, maya, narra, Lupang Hinirang na mga pambansang hayop, ibon, puno, awit na minamahal ng mga pilipinong katulad ko. Pero noon ‘yun, nang tumuntong ako ng kolehiyo doon ako unang nakarinig ng pagbatikos sayo na tingin ko ay nakapagpamulat o mas tamang sabihing nakaapekto sa aking pananaw patungkol sayo. Sino ba naman kasi ang nakakaalam ng totoong nangyari noon, ang mga historian ba? Naku eh imposible naman na walang bias sa mga naisulat nila at paano sila nakasisigurado sa mga resources kung patay na ang mga iyon. Ano ang kanilang basehan, mga lumang dokumento, akda at haka haka..tsktsk..yan ba ang pamantayan ng isang manunulat. Alam kong malaking gamit ang pagsasaliksik at hindi maipapangako ang isandaang porsyentong kasiguraduhan ng mga madidiskubreng bagay kaya nga naisip ko na walang ibang paraan upang malaman ang tunay na mga pangyayari kundi sa pamamagitan lamang ng TIME MACHINE. Tama, time machine, ang pagbalik sa nakaraan ay mahalaga ngunit sa realidad ay mali at imposible. Wala na tayong iba pang mabuting magagawa kundi palayain ang nakaraan at tumingin sa kinabukasan at sa kasalukuyan. Wag nating hayaang maging nakaraan ang ating magandang kasaysayan. Wag nating hayaang gumamit pa ng time machine ang mga susunod na henerasyon upang balakin ang mga kasalukuyang kaganapan.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Panaginip en cuntodo

ARGH! Hindi ko alam kung kikiligin ba ako o ano sa panaginip ko kanina basta nakakatulig siya BIGTIME! My dream is about me and a male high school classmate, I think we’re supposed to go to a province like bicol or somewhere like that for some reason that I know when I’m still in that dream pero ngayon hindi ko na maalala basta ang alam ko importante ‘yun..parang mga kasalan ganun tapos hindi ako sure kung ‘bat magkasama kami parang nagkataon lang din ata na dun din siya pupunta kaya sabay kami..hindi ko na kasi masyadong maalala yung ibang details..tapos nasa may labas kami ‘nun ng isang SM mall sa may parking area na nasa bukana ng SM tapos parang kailangan kung umihi or something basta may kailangan akong gawin kaya pagpasok namin nagpaiwan ata siya o ‘dun lang talaga siya sa may jollibee basta ‘dun kami naghiwalay. Ako naman dumirecho na tapos feeling ko naligaw ako o basta may nangyari na nakapagpatagal sa akin and aware ako na matagal ako kaya nagmamadali akong balikan si “E” ..derederecho ako pabalik ‘dun sa may parking area pero wala siya tapos nakita ko yung ibang high school friends ko and tinanong ko ata sila kung andun na ba si “E” tapos nakitext pa ko kasi wala akong number niya tapos hindi pa natatapos ‘yung text ko eh kailangan ng kunin ‘yung phone dahil pasakay na ng jeep si ghe so di ko siya nacontact tapos parang bumalik pa ata ako sa loob basta ‘yung feeling parang totoo talagang super natataranta at nabobother ako dahil baka iniwan na niya ako or baka nag- aantay siya somewhere..baka HINDI KAMI MAGKITA! gets mo ‘yung ganung feeling. Next scene hindi ko na matandaan kung pano ako napunta ‘dun ah basta ang alam ko sa tagaytay yung place and it turned out na yung SM sa tagaytay din..parang naligaw na ako ‘nun kasi marami kaming tao na gustong pumunta sa SM tapos inakala namin na may daan dun pero di na namin kinayang akyatin yung pader..haler scary kaya, baka mahulog ako..ganun ‘yung feeling tapos parang ‘yung pakiramdam na baka hinahanap ka na o hala ano na kayang nangyari ‘dun maabutan ko pa kaya siya..then sa paghahanap ko nung way kasi napuntahan ko na ‘yung lugar before and ang naaalala ng memory ko nung nasa panaginip ako eh may isang way lang akong pinuntahan then boom andun na ako ulit sa SM hanggang sa may nakita akong hanging bridge edi tinahak ko ‘yun tapos basta ang sunod na eksena nasa may tabi na ko ng highway tapos feeling ko may mga nangyari pa eh hindi ko na lang siya maalala ngayon..vivid na kasi talga yung memory ko dun sa dream na ‘yun kaya paspasan na yung pagttype ko habang naaalala ko pa then may dumaan na parang jeep o parang ‘yung mga libreng sakay ng robinson ‘yung mga ganun..parang ganun ‘yung style ng jeep tapos feeling ko nakita ko siya kaya sabi ko “e”..”E”..talgang mega habol at sigaw ako kasi kala ko hindi niya ako nakita tapos ‘yun pala nakita niya ako at parang nagbayad na siya dun sa driver dahil bababa na siya pero hindi siya pwedeng bumaba dahil parang may certain time na pwede siyang bumaba or yung tipong mga after 5km pa bago ka makakababa..may ganun talga! Naisip ko nga baka hindi unloading area yung place kung asan ako nun LOL. Tapos basta ang naalala ko na lang bumaba din siya tapos ayan hindi ko natalaga maalala kung anong nangyari basta ang alam ko sinabi niya “ata” na sa may jollibee lang siya nag-aantay..errrrrrr..KAPAGOD yung panaginip na ‘yun ahh as in nastress ako..shocks.

At ngayon nga ay para akong tanga at kinikilig dahil baka may ibang meaning ‘yung panaginip na yun aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!Shockers! Pano kung kami pala yung destined! aaah! Iba talaga yung feeling ng panaginip na yun. Parang totoo at feeling ko may karelasyon ako kahit hindi naman ahh..NBSB kasi eh..tsktsk..makaconsult nga ng manghuhula..rofl! Hay buti nasulat ko pa ‘yung kabuuan ng storya kasi gusto ko talaga siyang maalala at ulit ulitin.

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