Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jay, don't go!

This song is by Tasha. The ever number one female rapper in Kpop. I never really like her because I only have Yoobin in terms of rapping but I can't help to like the song. It brings water to my eyes..nice vocals that match a nice lyrics and tone. PERFECT!

I can't help to play this over and over and kept thinking about jay..would he ever come back? Unlike before when I first heard that he leave 2pm I was so devastated and overly reacting but as time passes by I can't identify if Ii what I'm feeling is sadness neither contentment or thing that is very clear to me now is the statement JAY PLEASE DON'T GO.....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dickhead!Shame on you!

Nakakainis ang mga taong walang sense of time! bwisit!!!!!!
Kung nababasa mo 'to double fuck for you! I wasted more than 4 hours of my precious time waiting in vain for your fucker face!Get lost!dick!

I Go Crazy Because of You

And I go crazy because of the latest comeback performance of T-ara. Unlike the first stage of their comeback song they sang kinda like live in this perf. The performance is hot and the moves are sharp plus ahh gorgeous body and expressions. I'm actually a fan of jiyeon then it became qri and now I'm starting to like soyeon. I hope that they will snag the throne from SNSD. Can't wait..XD

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad Romance

A piece of memory from Fashion Expo yesterday
This is it! This is the start. Experience and more experience!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You

Last song syndrome!!err! LSS overdue!

I've watched this song being performed last wednesday in a seminar that we've attended and from then on I can't stop singing this song. I think I was mesmerized by the Bati tandem, the performers.


Another user that I like in Youtube is MichellePhan, a beauty guru. Her tips regarding beauty is rated A for me. And recently she have this job from Lancome, an established and popular line of beauty products. CONGRATULATIONS! I first saw her videos about dry skin and I notice her beautiful skin..ahh jealous mode! She's like a doll and a very nice one. She also has her blog with the same genre of her videos in YT. Her tips mostly consist of using organic products in beautifying or rejuvenating your skin. I'm watching her videos whenever I'm thinking of doing something with my face or body because I think that she is really capable of sharing informations on how to take care of your skin and do things that can help you improve yourself. She knows what she is talking about and you can see that she really cares on the aspect so I'm gonna give it to her. Try watching her videos and you might discover something new.

For her blog click here


Oh wow! He is my recent addiction. I don't know his real name but I like how he make his videos. He have his own style and I'm very much entertained by it! He clears his point and very straightforward and I'm loving it..nah addiction! His cute by the! This is the first video that I've watched from his creations and now I'm in the process of watching it all..haha! His comments and rants are quite interesting and it kinda makes sense..well "kinda" and he has a lot of viewers..tsktsk
I envy him, wish to find my forte to in Youtube and perhaps to also received an award like most subscribe or the likes. Check him out because he is so funny and you might exchange some points and views in different scenario in your everyday living on Earth.

Note: If your ever wondering if his Asian, yes he is. He is Chinese but not sure his mix or what. Well anyway it doesn't matter because he is a fine dude.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last movie I saw…
Fame (2009)
Directed by:Kevin Tancharoen


Kay Panabaker
Naturi Naughton
Kherington Payne
Asher Book
Cody Longo
Walter Perez
Collins Pennie
Anna Maria Perez De Tagle

This is awesome! Performing arts rocks! This film is 2 hours and 2 minutes long but I enjoyed it. It's very inspirational for me and I think for all graduating students. It just gives another perspective of success and I quote Kay Panabaker for saying this lines "There's some things success is not. It's not fame,it's not money or power. Success is waking up in the morning so excited about what you have to do. Success is connecting to the world and making people feel".
I love that line and thinking that I needed that line the most in my life right now. Not too long and I will graduate from college and I've a lot of dreams and priorities to choose from that I'm kinda lost of what should I do first. Passion versus Income is the biggest issue of all. It looks easy to solve and do some action like why do I need to make it a burden if it's obvious that I should be practical in my decision. So meaning money wins but whenever you think about it you will feel that thug in your heart that tells you if is this what you really want or whatever, it will make you think twice or more. I've done things that made me regret at the end like quitting theater and stuff where I did not give my best when I know I can and knowing that there's a lot of people who believes in me. I just don't want to make the same mistakes again. And this movie is like a mirror of what had happened in some circumstances in my life. The situations may not really be identical but the choices and how the characters in the story made their own story is kinda the same.

Fame is about a performing arts school and it shows the experiences of some students from dance class and theater to singing with different purpose and dreams all through out their freshmen to senior years. It is quite dragging in some parts and actually the whole film would be really dragging if you're not into it. What I mean is if you can relate to it then I think you could appreciate it more. There is no particular leading actress or actor because there "are" more than 5 leads with interesting characters. The soundtrack is superb. Fame in particular that was sang by Naturi Naughton is my favorite though it was only heard at the credit part. There's nothing more that I could tell about this movie because I'm still overwhelmed right now after watching this and felt that I will just express more of my experiences than things about this film. kekeke

One thing is for sure, this film touches my soul, my whole being and made me think of my craft.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Last movie I saw…

Bangkok Traffic Love Story (Rot Fai Faa..Maa Haa Na Ter)(2009)
Directed by: Adisorn Trisirikasem
Theeradeth 'Ken' Wongpuapan
Sirin 'Cris' Horwang
Ungsumalynn 'Pattie' Sirapatsakmetha

This Film is really funny. LOL! I've been searching for so long for this film and finally hooo! Thanks to anothaidara for subbing this film and putting it up on youtube. Hey people watch it as early as now because we can't tell if the site will take it down for copyright infringement or right of whatsoever, it's ridiculous. Anyway I love this film for several reasons. First Ken is the leading man!waaaaahh!!!(scream of death!) Second the teaser really teases me and third it's about Meuylee, a girl that haven't experience having a boyfriend since birth. And we're the same (HAHAHA) but I'm not yet desperate like her. Actually I'm expecting a different storyline, more of a love triangle or being in a relationship and having no time with each other. Though It's close to that but the film is a lot lighter and it's totally fine because the acting is good. The lead actress is so funny and I love her character and the way she acts. And Ken is handsome than ever..ahh(dies)

I really wanted to write stories like this, I mean this film is very realistic and the setting is kinda different from some romantic films. Like what I've said this is not lakorn that is coated with the status of being rich or a fairytale. This film shows a love story that can really happen in reality. And the actress pattie looks like Kim Chui. They look very the same, both are pretty. If I'm not mistaken this film is a hit in Thailand last year and won an award. I'm not doubting it because it's really fabolous!! I'm thinking If I would also become like Meuylee..hmm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom

Ah! I've just got home from our company date! waaahh! grabe super experience sa saya! haha!
Kung pwede lang sana magspace shuttle pa kami ng 10 times. ahaha! Word for that night- "10 times"

Super laugh trip pag naiisip ko kasi kung kelan gabi tsaka naging active sa pagsakay sa mga scary rides. I felt na natrain talaga kami sa walang sawang pagsakay sa anchors away and rollers blade kaya parang nasanay na sa falling experience nung nag space shuttle ulit. Andami talagang memorable moments haha(can't stop laughing pag naaalala ko)

Pagdating palang namin awow space shuttle na agad ang kuya set talaga yun eh! haha! Naalala ko pa nung nakaupo na kami ni kim at inaayos na nung mister yung seatbelt namin sabi ko "kuya bat hindi ako makahinga" wahaha..laugh trip..I can't really forget that! Palitan kami ng sigaw ni kim ng bullshit and putang ina! haha! Hindi ako makapaniwala na sasakay ulit ako dun. I can still remember the last time that I rode that ride as in that's my first and last and I never thought that I could have the courage to be in that space shuttle fucker na ngayon ay mas improved na dahil ito ay space shuttle max na! superb talaga. Sabi pa ni kim m nung nasa ere na kami "tin nakapikit ka na ba?!" haha..napag usapan kasi namin yun eh as in super pinaghandaan ang treatment sa ride na yun. Sabi ko nireasearch ko siya at mas less yung fear kung pipikit ka na lang. I never saw kung gano kami kataas nung hinihila na kami kahit nung last ride namin dun nung gabi na hindi ko rin binuksan mata ko pero nung nasa loop na kami I tried to open my eyes at di ko na sinara pa kasi sayang yung moment. Gosh! masarap pala pag open yung eyes mo, pag nakikita mo. Mas feel ko talaga nung gabi kasi ang ganda ng mga lights and you can really feel the air impact. haha. SARAP! Pati anchor's away at jungle log jam naging sisiw na lang after nung ride na un. Pinakanaapreciate ko at naadik ako ng todo ay ang anchor's away..nakakahigh yung feeling pag pababa na. At ang horror house nila na ngayon ko lang nadiscover subalit may bayad na 50 tsktsk..pero para sakin ay sulit naman.haha! Kim's line inside the horror house " tama na, tama na kasi"..kuya set:hoy! bayad 'to! ahaha!

Andami ko pang pwedeng isulat at ishare about that event pero baka di na kumasya dito ehem honestly sobrang pagod na ako to elaborate things pa hehe.. So to wrap it up I'll just say na it's a MIND BLOWING experience! wasak!rofl! Thanks for the BRIDGE at kina ate at kuya!(ate jackie, ate kathy, ate ramie and kuya set!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Last movie I saw…

Confessions of A Shopaholic (2009)

Directed by: P.J Hogan


Isla Fisher

Hugh Dancy

I just finished watching this film and what can I say ah uhm, it's okay. The movie is not bad and not that good either. Well basically because I'm expecting that the storyline would somehow follow the book but it didn't and it's okay(mediocre?). Anyway I enjoy her struggle of being a shopaholic and how things turns out to be her advantage but unfortunately Danniel Smeath is existing..( If you'll watch it then you'll know who he was)..wait did I get it right, is it Danniel?Derek? Oh whatever just watch the film if you like. I'm giving this film a rate of three stars because it's OKAY but I'm disappointed. First I don't want Isla Fisher. If you find her beautiful that's okay with me but I was hoping that it would be like Anne Hathaway in The Devil's Wears Prada. She is so pretty in that movie, a certified fashion icon in the future(I'm referring to her character). But the fabulous clothes in Isla Fisher?Uh I don't find it attractive, not a bit. Second the plot is 5 over 10. The foundation for Luke and Rebecca's "love story" is weak for me. VERY WEAK though I laugh in this part and get excited on that part. Still the movie can be considered okay. And before I forgot Ohh I think I'm paying extra attention to the ending scene of a movie. I love the pose with luke in the end of this film. The pose and the emphasis on the scarf gave me an idea on editing. That's why I add another star to this that makes it three. For all aspiring journalist like me(LOL!) watch this film to enlighten you in your addictive shopping. Are you?Yes you are!

Note: That's another thing why this film is okay. Her profession is my occupation in the future and that's for sure!! And the word for the day goes to "OKAY" rofl!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

17 Again

Last movie I saw…

17 Again (2009)

Directed by: Burr Steers


Zac Efron
Leslie Mann
Matthew Perrey

This past few days Kim and I developed this movie! We downloaded films, got to borrow USB's from this person to that person on your side and not to mention external hardwares. I remember that I was loading this film sometime ago because I wanna watch it online, yeah it's not practical to make movie theaters the first option so I was loading it but I failed to watch it. Luckily, I saw this film in ate jackie's external hard drive. (thanks ate jackie!love you so!!haha) I guess it's what you call second chance and I'm more than willing to take it.

I got interested in this film when I saw the trailer because it looks fun and that's it. I'm not a big fan of Zac Efron or anything to do with High School Musical (err! but it's nothing personal-for the people who have personally something to do with me-what?!) Okay! Let's get over it so moving on I'm just watching it for entertainment until I saw zac or mark getting off from his cool 4-banger and that turning effect is just so perfect!!!! Ahh( scream!!) I want to be Vanessa Hudgens right at that moment! She is so lucky to have him! The way he walks away from his car and how he turns on the car alarm ahh! PERFECTO! ME ENCARTA! And that makes that scene my favorite, ooh zac ,oh zac where art thou ZAC!

Focusing more on the film and stepping a little bit far from Zac Efron, well I think and have proven that this movie is worth watching. It's more of a lesson for those young girls and boys that can't wait for tomorrow to have their SEX LIFE..vulgar much? okay, LOVELIFE.
Especially highschool students, they felt that they are all grown ups and they know the real world on what's right and wrong but hey that's not only the thing that you have to be concerned in life. The major idea is how will you gonna do the right thing and overcome your wrong doings. Knowing the classifications of your actions is not enough. This film can be a good influence but yeah it still depends on who's watching it and how you'll interpret it. I wanna give credits to the acting because it's pretty descent. The acting is okay, the script is good and the editing and music scoring is not that bad and was done really well. I especially love the way they unveil Zac's transformation at the end of the film. The wrap up of the story is really good. And another thing their ending credits is really cool!!! Thumbs up to the people who are involved in conceptualizing it! The ending credits shows the production people with their names and roles like the usual plus their high school pictures so you can see the directors and staff in their teens and some are extremely HOT! So If you want to feel good, watch this film because they have executed the drama of the story with a light attack.

It feels nice to be 17 again and have that "teen" in your age. Living a worry free life and just minding how to fit in.

Paker na Manong Driver!!!

Marami talagang mga manloloko sa mundo at isa ka na dun PAKER NA MANONG DRIVER!
Kararating ko lang from my uncle's house in Q.C and in our way to mrt the jeepney driver creates a scene! As in eksena to the max!! He claims na hindi kami nagbayad which is so not true dahil nagbayad kami and it's 100 pa nga kaso masyado syang gahaman kaya ayaw na niya kaming suklian that he even made up stories. KAKABWISIT! Kala niya siguro mga maria clara kami but well sorry na lang sya dahil I have a feeling that our family line is somewhat related to gabriela silang. Kung laban ang hanap niya laban ang binigay namin. Buti na lang nadaan sa sigawan at takutan si manong at binigay din samin ang nararapat na sukli namin. Dahil tuloy sa kanya almost an hour kaming naghintay ng MRT. So please people don't take advantage of other people. Wag kayong masyadong garapal sa pagiging makasarili at magulang please be discreet naman kahit papano.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Manny Villar

I just want to share my reaction paper for my subject Media Issues and Cases.

"The case that we are going to give opinions to is about the presidential candidate of 2010, Manny Villar and his involvement in the C5 scam. And the first question is if there is really an insertion and corruption as pointed out by other senators? Well for us we can not really tell if there is or if there’s none because only the people involve can actually state the truth. It’s a 50-50 situation because it’s his words against his words plus the evidences from both sides that are authentic as what they claimed. But the thing is can we really name some government officials that are not corrupt or haven’t done such act? I guess no. They are like sharing the same feathers and are into some competition. So we don’t mind what he says or she says against him because they are all on the same boat and it is just a matter of decency of the act. Our opinions doesn’t mean that we tolerate corruption but we don’t want to be used to any political schemes and if proven such as this issue. What we want is to have issues focus on the Filipinos, on the masses. If they look at C5 scam and would pay attention on the benefits and disadvantages of it to the people that is involved on the project instead of doing their mighty best to prove that Villar is having his own share of benefits with the scam then they might gain our attention and support. Second question is if we are in Villar’s shoes, can we hope for a fair trial from the likes of presidential rivals? Well of course we can hope but they can’t promise and that’s for sure. If we are Villar and we are fighting for our stand that C5 is for the convenience of the majority of the pinoys then there’s no reason to hide anything and decline investigation as part of the fair trial. This is just a means to prove my innocence on the case but what’s unsure is if the other people in the “POLITCS” would do the same. Let’s face it, everyone in the political world is weighing things where they can milk more benefits and it includes MONEY. Every political candidate has their own share of agendas and promises. Those candidates have their own people and loyal followers, some our hoping for promises and some are told with promises. To sum it up the presidential candidates creates it’s line of people where in their lines are connected to each other and a change from the line could affect one another. And from this it gives them enough reason to do all the tricks that they can think of just to get rid of the other line which has a different color such as “ORANGE”, Villar’s color, his line. So if I’m Villar I would doubt if I would be having a fair trial. And the third question goes like this, will I be not alarmed that my accuser in this ethics case, Senator jamby Madrigal, is also sitting as your junior? Well a man like Villar that is not new in Politics should have anticipated it and I’m sure he does. It’s not considered as a rare case because politics is like survival of the fittest and regardless of your ranks and position, you are just on the same level of competition. Another thing is that, anyone who seeks justice has their right to question a person in position like VIllar regardless of the seniority.

And for the additional question on who will we vote, well for me Kristine Saarenas I’m voting for Gilbert Teodoro. I don’t mind the relationship that he has with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. What’s important for me at the moment is his brain and ability to handle the situation that our country is in right now. And I guess he would be a less corrupt compared to others, why? Purely gut feel. And if ever he would team up with PGMA like what others are fearing for..hmm let’s just wait and see but I believe in him. I don’t need a man from a respectable family even if his parents are being treated like heroes but can’t seem to make his own decision. And I don’t need another possible corrupts with no purpose for the Philippines."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Does He Know

Ahh I can feel the weight on my eyelids...feeling so sleepy but can't sleep yet T_T
So I will just share this beautiful music from Trish Thuy Tang. She is a Vietnamese I believe and what a wonderful voice she have. I'm getting addicted to this song because it gives me a different feeling. I don't know how to explain but it's like I'm in another place or age while listening to this...I can't explain, really I can't. This just makes me feel so different and it's a positive remark buddy. ahh how good it would be to be in love (dreamy!) MR. RIGHT! Come on, come to mama!!XD