Monday, November 29, 2010

Like A G6

Certified Wonderful and Hottest!

I'm telling you..
I really don't give a damn on 2010 Mnet MAMA not until I saw this tweet that WG performed in MAMA and it was awesome. I searched frantically. Fingers typing fast and look for allkpop and there, I saw with my two eyes for the effing moment I felt a strong urge to cry. Unbelievable! There on stage are my girls. Those girls that I last saw on the stage for that music award in year of 2009. All is just a vivid memory with an additional face on the group and one missing individual which I adore ever so dearly. But now is not the time to be sad for the "changes" but instead is a time to be totally struck on Wonder Girls performance. They are a great wonder indeed. Oh I can't wait for their comeback, for their debut..either way I'll be supporting them. It's just how the way it is ♥♥♥

But not only did my girls give me an aftershock but also my boys, no, my MEN! 2pm just give me an electrical shock. I was dumbfounded in front of my monitor and forever watching their performance. Though my heart still ache on watching them without the other one. Unlike WG's case, I'm so sensitive when it comes to the members of my boys. And it's just how the way it is ♥♥♥

So hot is my favorite performance for Wonder Girls and 2pm's drama just kill me *sob*sob**I felt like a mom seeing her children performing in a school event for the first time and realizing that they are grown ups :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can You Keep A Secret

Customer Service

I was irritated and I'm going to explode!
What the fuck in hell are those technician are doing that took them so long to reach our house and fix our net connection. We are fucking paying! We pay for..shit!
Called the hotline and give them hell only to realize after that it is not their fault and we do the same job. I fit in their shoes. I told them my apologies but I'm still not cool about it. Slow service is equal to bad customer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

Last movie I saw...

Death Bell 2:Bloody Camp(2010)
Directed by:Yu Seun-Dong

Yoon Si-Yoon
Hwang Jung-Eum
Park Ji-Yeon

The ending sucks! But I did not expect that it will make me tear.


From the previous music of KARA this is the only song that I liked.
I like each member of the group and KARA itself though I'm not a huge fan of their music. I first saw the teaser for the Japanese release of Jumping and I fell in love with it. I actually prefer the Japanese version. Take a look at it.


di ka KAPUSO! Dahil masakit ka sa puso.

I really wonder if it is just me. Perhaps I'm just too selfish but a part of me is saying that I'm not. Being assertive might be the right term. I hate people coming to my house. Be it a friend, family or any of our relatives. I just find is so stressful. Reasons? There are a lot actually. First, I'm being forced to clean the house and I hate it. Second, I'm forced to smile and tell stories to entertain the guess. Of course our house is boring and small so there is no alternative at all. Third, we're being forced to use our money to buy food and all that even if we are on a tight budget. Screw hospitality!

And now, what pisses me off is those relatives that are texting you, keeping in touch with you to ask for MONEY or anything they could rip from you. Well I know that it is really not their intention but it is part of it. I'm not stupid and I'm quite selfish. How can I give them anything if we need it the most. Pete's sake!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love You and I Love You

I'm always a follower of hyuna.
Based from all the feedback, Hyuna suit the song better than Miryo of BEG.
And I can't agree more because of the chemistry on stage of won bin and hyuna. They should go out...even once.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


You suck!
You annoyed me!
I don't want to see you puh-lease!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Financial Account

I wanna go back to my Canadian clients. I wanna see the familiar floor in 4th floor of Market Market. I want to see those faces on the floor. Wanna use cosmo, all our applications. I want to go on aux with TEAM HYDRA. I want to..I wish to but I don't need to. I can't take the stress on dealing with Americans..Black Americans.

FYI: I'm not a racist. I'm just a coward new employed teen-adult that is scared of abrupt change.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who Is

Out of all his song, this is the best.

Thinkin of You

Nothin beats old music.
This just put me into another dimension of.. LOVE(yikees!)

Whole Again

I'm a 90's baby..what can I do?

I'd Rather be Alone

Read My Mind

Sweetbox syndrome starts now!

Athena: Goddess of War

Can't wait for IRIS spin off, ATHENA: GODDESS OF WAR!
I'm rooting for my 3 fav artists. First on my list is one of my old time fantasy since "A Moment To Remember", Jung Woo Sung. I actually prayed to have a husband like him. And Soo Ae since "Love Letter", I got this soo ae syndrome that I almost watched all of her movies and drama and all gossips about her. The last but not the least is my new subject for affection, Lee Ji Ah. I started liking her when I watched for "The Legend", she is so effing pretty plus the Beethoven Virus!

And that is a perfect combination for a true addiction. isn't it?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Woman... Know

A cliche but I really like it. I like AB avenue's LOST but they are not that famous and that's the only song that I know from them that is why I'm glad that they produced this new video. Quite a stir!

I especially like the vocals at the end of the video. It is so emotional and the video is fantastic. I watched it for almost ten times already. Great!


My head hurts!
I'm stressed out!
New people, new account, new info and everything is new!
I have no problem with adjusting but this usually happens the first time. PROCRASTINATING!

I know I can do it. But sometimes it is really tiring. I like my mobility account. Everything is fine. Laid back dress code, no business attire. Good mannered Canadians, no rude cursing ass Black Americans (okay!sorry, I'm a racist), Firm no without YES for credits.

An environment that is making me feel inferior.

Will I ever get thru it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Count On Me

Cathy is at it love love it!

That Woman

is Baek ji young. Yes I'm in love with ji young nuna's music.
It is all heartfelt, probably she based the emotions thru her experiences.
From "Like Being Hit by a Bullet" to Iris OST "Don't Forget" she still proves to be the ballad sensation of SK.

Can't wait for the translation of Secret Garden's OST "That Woman"

I Was Wrong

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Superficial Reason

This really made me realize of something that I'm aware of.
Yeah, all the wanting....don't need it. Got that ely! Hi-five!

I'm enjoying single life, as if I've been to a relationship. Though I have my crushes here and there but never a time that I've been committed. I'm too young for such act and to think that I know it all is fail. Got that again ely!

I'm not going to be pressured. I'm gonna live my life "for now". Gonna try my best not to far astray from the path that I would want to take. And to focus on what I need not on what I want. Now I fully understand that me wanting a relationship is for a superficial reason. It is for falling in the concept of LOVE and not love itself.

Time will come and I'll be with the person that I'm going to be with till I grow old.

Even If You Leave Me

It is growing in me.
Feel like listening to this song while reading fist and lipstick. Suits really well.

12 Rounds

Pacman just proved again how good he is. No, not good, it's an understatement.
Felt like he is bound to go further in his craft. Way to goo manny. SHOW US THE MONEY!

I'll Be Back

Dunno why I just discover the interest to this song just now..
personally like wooyoung and chansung's part..

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

I personally adore the four quartet compared to F4 of Boys over flowers.

Garang, Geol oh and Yeorim is undeniably the representation of girls fantasy that leads to ecstasy. LMAO!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Perfect Birthday!

is that what I'm supposed to say? This past few days is the literal definition of a roller coaster turn of events. Can't really argue about that. Shed some tears, put in a state of shock..totally lost for how many days. When I think about it I can't help but feel remorse coz this is my bday and ain't I'm getting a nice present, eh?

But I guess God knows what is better for you. Everythin' is planned so why should I resist? But I believe that it is us who creates our future, our destiny so can you blame me if I'm still doubting the series of unfortunate events?

Regardless of what had happened I'm happy that I'd spent my day with my family. On 7th of the month I did enjoy the company of my dad or my laptop?whateva!I love being at home. And yesterday I'm with my mom and my lil 2 year old sister in Divisoria to look for goods this coming christmas. I wanna go back there without my sister..puh-lease! My legs hurt, my arm pit is sweating..gosh! LMAO

We spent the night to my uncle's place. Got a good sleep then.
However on that event I can't forget this instance where in the old lady's fake golden earring became subject of thieves in the market. We are in the jeepney when that happened and imagine my shock. That is why I felt more traumatized in the city. Never will I go there on my own. Nonetheless I did enjoy my Birthday and I know that all that had happened is a blessing..."in disguise"

Thursday, November 11, 2010



tumatakbo ang oras
maningning ang mga nakasabit na palamuti
mga paa'y nakikipaghabulan sa lipon ng tao sa loob ng malaking palengke

sa loob ng malaking palengke
sa loob ng malaking palengke
sa market market..

humahangos, inaayos, lumilibot
nagulat siya, mas nagulat ka
lumingon, tumalikod, tumigil..
tik toc tik toc
huminga ng malalim,tumingin ng palihim
inamoy, umamoy..di dapat mangamoy
nag-iisip, iniisip
lalakad na ba?bakit ngayon pa! bakit ngayon lang?
isa, dalawa, tatlo
hinakbang ang mga paa, palayo sa pinagmulan, palayo sa pinanggalingan, nalagyan ng agwat..malaking agwat
nag dalawang isip, di na nag -isip
sumikip ang espasyo
wala na sanang espasyo..
naiisip mo, inisip niya?
tumigil ka, lumagpas siya

nagkaroon ng espasyo..malaking espasyo

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey Mickey!

hey mickey your so fine
you're so fine, you blow my mind

On Board to Abroad

‎"It is never too late to become what you might have become." -George Eliot

I felt the urge to visit places. Live in LA and spend summer in Australia.
I want to move out of PI. And I want to comeback again.

2 years to go..

It Hurts MV

Lee Soo Hyuk is soo efffing HOT!
Is he still with kim min hee?

It Hurts