Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Back-up Plan

Last movie I saw...

The Back-up Plan(2010)
Directed by: Alan Poul

Alex O'Loughlin
Jennifer Lopez

J-lo's character is almost close to what I have planned to be before. But of course I have a different plan now with my triplets in the future. haha

This is another feel good movie. There is slight drama on the side but not much. It is more of facing parenthood for guys and having trust to your partners. I felt bored at the beginning just because I'm dying to watch another film but even so this offers a bunch of laughters. It touches that part of me who dreams to have a family to have it right at this moment. I love love babies and it would be even better to have twins like in the film or better yet a triplets.

I have thought of a different story while reading the poster's tagline but still it is fun to watch. Yeah, fun to watch..nothing more, nothing less.

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