Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In The Name Of Love

Last movie I saw...

In The Name of Love(2011)
Directed by:Olivia M. Lamasan

Aga Muhlach
Jake Cuenca
Angel Locsin

I've watched the film last Friday and It's totally amazing. At first I'm not interested on watching the film but my aunt wants to see it so much and I have no choice but to go with her. I love everything about this movie, from the concept, storyline,acting,soundtrack and editing. This is a quality film that you can really enjoy. I can't help but to compare how the visuals of Star Cinema and Viva Films registered on screen. Tumbok will give you a high-end indie film feel and ITNOL gives a traditioal quality that were used to see since we're little, not digitalized or whatsoever but just sharp and different.

Angel Locsin proves to be a face that can launch a thousand ships,her close up shots are breathtaking but I'm not liking any full shot or medium shot. Her body is too big for my taste but nevertheless she looks gorgeous on every scene. And leading man Aga Muclach,a heartthrob way back 90's shows that he is still a heartthrob though it did not work on me. I don't see him like before and no matter how I tried to like him "physically" , I still find him not fit and aging. But what's good with these actors are they were able to bring drama and feel it and make us audience absorb their sorrow and love. The acting of both lead plus Jake Cuenca deserves a round plus square of applause.

I actually have two unforgettable scene on this movie. One is when "we" think we saw angel's chest on the turning point scene(must watch scene). Second is when "Pusong Ligaw" by Jericho Rosales played for the first time and that scene is so-ooh heartbreaking(an understatement). Overall this is way better compared to any Angel and Aga's film that I've watched so far and I can't help myself but to highly praised both of them for their professionalism on doing such scenes. Kudos!

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