Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sien Nui Yau Wan / A Chinese Ghost Story

Last movie I saw...

Sien Nui Yau Wan / A Chinese Ghost Story(1987)
Directed by: Ching Siu-tung

Leslie Cheung
Joey Wong

I started looking for this film last night after I remembered Barbie Xu's drama that has the same title. I've watched the film like 2 years before but I was not able to finish it. I'm glad to discover that the same source still has this movie online.

This is widely known to be a great hit way back in 1987 that they even produced part two and three that makes it a trilogy. And now year 2011 there is a new version of this movie titled " A Chinese Fairytale" with Liu Yifei and Louis Koo as main leads. The direct translation of the title according to wiki is "The Ethereal Spirit of a Beauty" but for me it will always be eternal love. I really love Barbie's drama version and I'm more comfortable with their concept compared to the original. But nonetheless the original version did not fail to impress me.

I've read a lot of reviews and comments saying how they love the original cast compared to 2011 remake but personally I would rather choose Liu Yifei than Joey Wong. Their beauty is quite the same but for me Liu Yifei can pull off such roles way better than Joey. But I can't change the past, could I? I still love the original pair though..probably stigma of remakes.

I've also observed that the versions of this film used the same soundtrack and that is epic. And when I say versions that is the original and the drama version. Well, wait till I've finished watching part 2 and 3.

Oh how I would want to see the leads on new movies and dramas unfortunately that will not happen with the popular Hongkong music icon, Leslie Cheung, because he already died in 2003.(May you rest in peace)

Overall this film shows a great influence in Hongkong Film Industry. This can be considered as one of the old films with great visuals that are very much graphic.

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