Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have Baby, Will Date


I just finished watching Tv5's first episode for Love Books. Honestly I'm not aware that this Love Books series is existing because in the first place I'm not an avid viewer of television. But nevertheless I find it very entertaining though I haven't read the book yet. I even thought at first that this was an indie film, well thanks to my journalism instinct and I was able to gather factual information.

Based on my research(serious topic?haha) Love Books will showcase TV adaptation of Summit Books that can be compare to local movies.(not bad..) Actually the visuals are really nice. Though it does not look like a tv material but more of an indie potential but still the shots are way better compared to any Tv5's produced series. (..that I'm aware of)

Valerie Conception and Tj Trinidad did great on acting out the lead characters but I'm actually rooting for the supporting couple, Beth Tamayo and Bobby Andrews. I would love to see them act as leads in one of the series. I really like how natural Beth acts. Before, I don't give a damn about her but now I'm seeing her in a different way as well as with Bobby Andrews who I think excels more in humorous character.

Overall this series looks promising and I'll wait for the next

Love Books - Have Baby, Will Date Trailer by starmometerdotcom

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