Monday, June 13, 2011

Kasambahay, Habambuhay

After our shift last Saturday we went to SM Megamall to watch the short film anthology hosted by Nestle for their 100th anniversary. I'm so excited to sit inside the theater because this is my first time to view indie films in big screen.. with friends. haha. The first time was when I watched Senior Year. But this considered as Indie? Because they called it anthology of short films..hmmm. Never mind.

I saw the commercial a week before and I told to myself that I need to watch it(because I saw John Lloyd!) but I never thought that it will really happen.(mahilig kasi ako sa drawing!haha) I'm always game on planning to go out on any event but for some reason I'm always dropping out in the last minute.(bad habit!)

That is why I'm so happy that our plan did push thru. I was actually surprise because there are a lot of people who came to watch the anthology. Well "alot" is an understatement. We're just lucky that we arrived early and I'm lucky to have friends who have radar for anything that is FREE. haha

We're actually asked to vote after but that seems to be the hardest thing to do that day. Why? Each film has it's own genre. Iba't iba yung pinaghuhugutan nung mga gumawa, nung writer. Bilang isang trying hard na manunulat eh nauunawaan ko ang hirap at pagod sa ganitong mga produksyon kaya naman choosing a film as the best out of the 10 short films is not easy. But I have my top 3 though I can't rate who got the 1st,2nd and 3rd place.(lol!) My top 3 are "The Howl & the Fussyket", "Downtown" and "Tingala sa Baba".

The first film that was shown is "The Howl & the Fussyket" and is directed by Chris Martinez. This is a good choice for the opening of the film anthology, a good kick to start the show. Everybody can't close their mouth from laughing soo hard.

The story and the punchlines are epic. The child actor Gerald Pesigan did a great job on portraying the role of a grade 2 student whose eager to join his school's declamation contest and seems oblivious that he has a poor chance of winning because of his pronunciation.(talk about confidence!) This film has a cast that spells COMEDY. We have Eugene Domingo who plays the mother, Kiray as sister and Dennis Padilla via internet(haha!) for the father role. I'm so impressed on how they've managed to create a very good material that will only last for few minutes. I always believe that it's harder to write light/comedy/good ending stories compared to tragic ones. A very simple setting, with simple purpose(to include nestle milk in the story) and good actors and voila..a terrific result. In terms of audience appeal, this film takes home the crown.

My other choice for best film is "Downtown", directed by Stephen Ngo. There are actually two stories that made me tear up. They are "Sali Salita" and this film.

I have thought of my dad while watching the beginning of the story but this turns out to have a sweet ending. I'm under the impression that this is a sad story of an old chinese-filipino man who griefs with the loss of his wife and one day realize the need to change the way he is living because it's not the life that his wife would want him to have then baam!It's actually a story of an old man who started cleaning his mess literally and figuratively(cleans the house, room, get a haircut and even does weight lifting!) to reconcile with his wife whom he visit at the park. And all through out the film the only line is at the end, he said to his wife, "uwi na tayo.." and It only took 3 words for the writer to deliver his story. Good job! I can still remember that people started clapping and laughing at the ending scene like we are all relieved that lolo's wife is still alive and kicking. The people behind this production did a good job on establishing an irie setting all through out with only background music and natural sound of the setting which looks like in binondo. This short film possess a very romantic storyline. And if we are talking about the best actor? I'll give the title to lolo.

And last on my list but definitely not the least is "Tingala Sa Baba" that is directed by Henry Frejas. A film that has a storyline that I envy the most, an idea I wish was mine.

This is a story of two kids who are playing siso. The chubby boy's desire to be on top and asking his playmate's help which obviously can't help him because chubby boy is heavier than him. But this film offers a lot more than a chubby boy and thin boy met in the playground story. The scenes actually shows a simple comparison of abundance and poverty, being rich and poor. The writer uses lines and scenarios that reflects the differences with the status of the characters. My favorite would be the ending scene. When the poor boy is walking with his sister with smile on his face and the rich kid with his strict mom walking towards their car. I don't how to explain it but that very scene displays a very good imagery of the writers comparison. I find the story entertaining and yet there is the underlying message, a realization..a sad reality. That is why even though the story seems light especially with kids as lead characters I still find it heavy inside. So for best storyline, "Tingala sa Baba" beats them all.

Nevertheless the rest of the stories deserves an applause as well. They've worked so hard to showcase Nestle products and at the same time they all manage to create a short film with quality and lesson. I'm looking forward for more film viewing. Next agenda Cinemalaya 2011! Let's get it on!

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