Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shopaholic Abroad/Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Last book I've read...

Shopaholic Abroad/Shopaholic Takes Manhattan(2001)
Author: Sophie Kinsella

I'm such a loser. This famous Shopaholic series already reached the peak of it's popularity when I'm still in college. And yet I'm just starting to read the whole series after a year and half since I graduated. haha

Well the reason might be because somehow in a weird circumstances I can relate to Becky Bloomwood. Her inner struggles of being a compulsive buyer can represent the enemies in me. Her career issues gives me inspiration on how to face my own career struggles. I'm enjoying the humor of the writer and at the same time I'm in a love hate relationship with Becky. And I just can't wait for the succeeding adventure of a shopaholic.

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