Sunday, January 30, 2011

Run Devil Run (Jap Vers)

There is something about this version that gets me addicted to it.
Especially yoona's line...aaaarhg!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

GAME! Bring It On!

Monday, January 24, 2011


OFS! Now what's happening? I read some of the articles but I can't still get hold of what had truly happened. After their huge success in Japan! Shocks! Hold tight KARA and Kamelia!!


Crossing my fingers.

A Goose's Dream

I fell in love with the song because of suzy and eunjung's duet. The combination of their voice makes me go "oooohhhh!WOW!". I'm hoping that they will release a full version of it.

And because of this song I felt the urge to reach my dreams and show a different side of me. Like one of the lines in the song, whatever people say behind my back I'll kepp my calm and just wait for that DAY. The day that my dreams will come true. Very inspiring.

Pathapee Leh Rak

Last lakorn I saw...

Pathapee Leh Rak(2011)

"Mark" Print Suparat
"Mint" Chalida Wijitwongthong

Even if people compares this third installment of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao, I still prefer this lakorn with Mark and Mint. They are very cute couple and I sooo love mark and infairness to mint she is growing in me as I watched the lakorn. The story might be different to nadech and yaya's part but still it has it's own charm. It's own story and I like it.

The Winner Stands Alone

Compared to other books that I've read, it took me a month to finish this one. Not because the book is not good enough but because of unfortunate circumstances. Nevertheless I finish the book and I'm not satisfied with the ending but I've learned a lot of things. Of course it is Paulo Coelho, not a big fan, but it's good to know and understand how man respond to different his emotions, the reasons and what not. And P.Coelho just showed me how we,man, justify our actions to achieve happiness, contentment in a criminal way.

Winter Child

Suzy is a multi talented girl! so effing jealous!

I like dream high so this would be next in my list after I finish Athena and Iris then Secret Garden :)


Imma watch this now!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bon Jovi

..madness! I love his songs. One of the living legend of our time.



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank You

God, thanks for everything. You know what I mean :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

MR Removed

I don't have any interest with artists MR version that is why I find it so ironic that I enjoy Taeyeon's I Love You more without the music. She is really good at singing.

Need Ah..

..Girl! This is one of the best covers. I'll gonna listen to it like 500 times :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ginger Attack

Yeah! I'm taking water that was soaked from ginger, dadi james prepared it for me. This is said to be an ailment for a throat disorder as well as colds. Now a days my health is not in a good condition so in the future I'll take care of myself more.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Because of A Man

I'm now on my way of being a fan of Joo. As I'm searching for her golden days, I found this cute clip. I really like how taeyeon sang her songs. And she is for me the no.1 vocalist in SNSD. And seeing this video makes me want to switch their songs. Joo is good at facial expressions but when they are performing "Because of A Man" I tend to watch taeyeon alone..kekeke

Goodluck for the your comeback joo! fighting!


I don't like a husband that looks so stiff in the pictures of our wedding. ehr!please!!

Dadi James Treat!

wahahaha! I can still remember this scenario just this morning. I'm craving dangerously for a pizza after watching the piggy girls "Trend" music video. I ask my dad to buy me one. I search the net in a matter of seconds to look for an appropriate pizza for my style because I'm a two years old pesco vegetarian(hooray!!)

This afternoon he went home with this (look at the photos above)
I'm literally salivating while looking at the box. And the ending I'm badly overly full now. Oh how I love it. I can't believe it that Pizza Hut has a pizza for vegetarians like me. It is the largest pizza with the volcano cheese in the end of the crust. I'm actually contemplating to text my dad to get the one with the sausage but the vegetables spirit is still within me. haha

Stuffed crust is daebak! I'm just resting for couple of hours and feast once again on the yummy pizzzzzzaah!

Hey You!

I don't care eh eh eh eh!!
Let's stop pretending! okay?

Are We?

Just a thought.
I find it funny but more of ridiculous for people to update their status on a social networking site. The main motive of those sites is to connect with your friends and share what is new to you. Some might find it a way to boast, glorify one's self or achievement, some would use it to give rather important news, others update their status for their loved ones, the said reason for this kind of site.

But are we?
Of course yes. But some is rather irritating that might even includes me. Because this update is one way of showing off. Telling to the whole world "hey look at me".. "I have this and that"..."I've been there and there"... but wtf?! It's part of being human. Searching and wanting to be praised, be recognized. It helped us to be sane. It's just that it is irritating at times :)

PS: I would opt for a picture that is not a selca for a profile pic btw @_@
peace folks!


Healthier version of 2ne1! haha jk! I love the concept. But I'm no fan of this kind of beat. :)

Beautiful Girls

OMG they are all so beautiful!!!


I'm soo into this song!

Date Lyrics Translation

Monday I stayed. Suggestion to wait and see. Looks like what she is.
Wednesday, she did not come. There is no morning line. Thu empty
Friday or Saturday or Sun No day, I do not think.
Which she will never come back. To the good old days of us
The day I met her. At the close. The day we hand in hand.
The day I love you. The day I speak. The day you hear
I do not know me longer. (How many more months or years).
A few thousand billion memories there. Never not think of you.
Makkara February, it was a long cloudy Meena is also absent.
It is Mesa zeal: May suffer. Mithuna empty
I do not know me longer. (How many more months or years).
A few thousand billion memories there. Never not think of you.
I do not know me longer. (How many more months or years).
A few thousand billion memories there. Never not think of you.


Shy Boy

Because I'm sick and have slept all day I'm just enjoying myself in watching this cool stuffs.

Out of Secret's songs this is their first work that I liked the most. I can sense a triple crown for this (hopefully)

I also want to have my shy boy!! haha


Oh how I hate to be a burden. Especially if it has something to do from work or school. I admit that I did not have a good attendance way back in high school and college but I see to it that I star a new when I started working. Everything is doing planned. Even though I'm suffering from something, physical or not I still manage to go to work and perform my duty. But this tuesday I just had my one and only call and I was put into a voice rest mode and eventually was sent home. This is all because of hoarseness of the voice that I suspect is because of dadi james cold salad. tstksts..

It's to late to put all the blame in a dish. I learned a lot of things from this one week of vacation experience. Though I'm sick. I still have alot of things to give thanks to GOD. All of the family bonding and good news(you know it GOD) SUPERDUPERMEGA Thanks! Love U!

Bad Guy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh Yeah

A Little Thing Called Love

A Little Thing Called Love (2010)
Directed by: Puttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn and Wasin Pokpong

Mario Maurer
Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol

I've heard about this film from a review on a youtube video trailer for "Hello, Stranger", a 2010 movie that also looks promising like the "Bangkok Traffic Love Story". I'm always fond of Asian Films and what I love in Thai films is the settings of the story because it offers a closer tie to reality. Its not a film that is full of make believe craps. Their movies reflect a scene in a society.

And I give this movie a 10/10 because it reminds me of my highschool I wish it also ends like the ending on the movie but I guess everyone has their own story..right?whatever! This movie has a really good storyline. Not dragging and sticks to it's theme. Acting is not bad either. I want to commend the female lead for showing an innocent love. Plus the soundtrack of the movie compliments the scenes and uplift the mood. Kudos to the one in-charge for the music scoring. The movement of the camera is so fine that it does not destruct the story or the focus of the audience. Great visual especially for the angles. And I can't forget to thank the script writer for creating such a lovely film.

I'm not a fan of mario maurer though I think his acting in Love in Siam is great but still with all the negative publicity around him. I didn't even try to look on his where abouts but that was before.LOL! Change is change haha. I love him now! I love the movie. It is simply the best. I cried a river. Imagined alot of things! ALOT! I'm thankful that the ending is not tragic or sad ending. whew! People in all ages should give this one a try. Very light and entertaining film that could melt our hearts into pieces.

Warning: Watch it on your own risk(spoiler)

January 2011

shocks! 2011 na pala!
Kung di ko pa napansin ung date ng post ko eh hanggang ngayon nasa dec 31st pa rin ang sarili ko.

2011? What's up?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I can't forget Highschool..

Gayo Daejun

I just finished watching the SBS, KBS and MBC Gayo's.
Gosh! How long has it been since I started following the year end performance of Kpop artist? 3 years? I've been a fan for that long and I still am. Even if people at my age view it as the "cheapest" thing on earth still I love it. I own it.

How I miss the old artists that I'm following way back then. I'm missing Wonder Girls, Bigbang..who else? It's just the two actually :) .. The Wonderbang collaboration is definitely a missed but so over now. How time flies...

Now I'm 21 and I'm still happy watching the stages and hopefully next year I'm still watching the year end program with my fav artists..please?!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Love

OWMG! I can't let this film by mario pass! never! I'm watching it now!yippie!! NEW YEAR! But where is my first love?

Hello Stranger!

LOLLLLLLLLLLL!! I can't stop laughinhg on the preview! I just got home and haven't had enough sleep yet so this teaser is like an energizer..LOL

I can feel the "Bangkok Love Traffic Story" aura and that's why I love it! HILARIOUS! INTRIGUING!