Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friendship+Sex Movies

No Strings Attached
-Imma watch you now :)

Friends With Benefits
-You're next on my list

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is a silent film about falling in love and finding the right one.
No need for words to understand how love begins.

Strangers, Again

Reason why I enjoy Singlehood.

I'm a Cathy Nguyen fan and I'm sulking the moment I realized that she starred on this without me knowing. Thanks to this website that I was able to watch her very insightful film.

I can consider this as a short film slash lifetyle feature documentary. This shows a close to reality kind of modern relationship that majority of people on their 20's and early 30's is going thru. I enjoyed this clip because it is not only knowledgeable but I admire the videographer. I mean the shots were so good. The continuity is there and they never fail to follow the pattern that they've started.(Good job!)

And to those people who is behind on conceptualizing this film, congratulations, mission successful. Watch this and let's all think about breaking up? or getting married?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince Harry

Isn't he lovely?

With the increasing interest for Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding I suddenly remember his lil brother. Before I'm convinced that Prince William is the handsome one but now our Harry is all grown up. Dubbed as the "Bad Guy" I think his more interesting compared to his brother. I'm willing to be your princess, your highness.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Last movie I saw...

Bridget Jones's Diary(2001)
Directed by:Beeban Kidron

Colin Firth
Hugh Grant
Renée Zellweger

A very good film of finding love. A love story for "standard" women. This is a story of Bridget, a fun loving woman who is probably on her late 20's or early 30's with story of falling in love, experiencing heartaches, coping with career struggles and in the end finding true love. At this age, I enjoyed this movie the most. It's inspirational and yet very romantic for single like me :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Last book I've read...

Author:Jude Deveraux

I can associate this novel with the word "twist". Why? simple..because this is the first book that I have ever read that has full of twist. I'm really impressed with the author for coming up for those kind of complicated twist and turns that can lead you to a writer's block. In order to write a good story you should have atleast an outline on what will happen on your characters. And what she have done is no joke. It's hard to insert events and another one and make sure that they are correlated to each other.

I've started reading this book last month and I just finished it last friday because of relevant circumstances though you can actually finish it within 3 days. It's a fantasy story which will work on your imagination alot. At first I thought that it would be boring to read but now, not at all. I enjoyed reading it plus I love the phasing of the story. Out of all the characters, Cole is the one that I loved most. How I wish that they'll turn this into a film.

And my dream cast would be:

Drew Barrymore as Kady Long

Gerard Butler as Cole

David Boreanaz as C.T Jordan

OMG! How I wish..pssst Warner Brothers if ever in any random chance that you're reading this please make it real :)


Last movie I saw...

Directed by:Rob Reiner

Callan McAuliffe
Madeline Carroll

Finally I've finished watching this movie. I featured the trailer of this movie way back last January and started watching it as well and guess what, I've finished it just today.(haha)

This movie totally reminded me of a puppy love. The concept of the film is really unique. They have chosen to make it in a narrative way. It's actually the first time that I've saw a film that alternately reveals the perspective of the male and female lead. I was thinking that this kind of style can be confusing to viewers but on this case, it's not. I'm squealing and twisting while watching this film because of excitement. (totally am!) The elements in the film are really just basic and that might be the reason why I find it so refreshing and entertaining. It is so simple that all you have to observe is how will the story end. And even though it is quite predictable still the essence of the film was shown thru good acting and quality of script.

And I love how they use 60's as the setting of the film. It adds to the classic effect of the story plus the ending song(Let It Be Me by Everly Brothers) is really an ear candy.

Lee Ji Ah & Jung Woo Sung

As shocking as it is with the recent development about Lee Ji Ah's past with Seo Taiji plus the on going law suit, I'm still hoping for a strong relationship bond from Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung.

JWS is one of my ideal men and after reading an article from allkpop I'm really impressed on how he declared his love for her despite the issue that she is going thru. Hopefully the statement is not a publicity act. JWS be a man and please set an example.

Do You Know

I'm currently listening to...

Artist: Brave Girls

Album: The Difference
Title Track: Do You Know
Release Date: April 8, 2011
01 Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls
02 So Sexy
03 아나요(Do You Know)

Brave Girls is produce by the infamous Brave Brothers who produce songs for different artists such as Son Dam Bi, Bae Seul Gi, Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, After School, Lexy, U Kiss, Battle, Lee Min Woo, Gummy, Masta Wu, AJ(Lee ki kwang), Se7en, Kim Don Wan, E- Tribe, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kara and Nassun. Their hit songs include U-Go-Girl, Crazy, Saturday Night, Gee, It's You, Dancing Shoes and Diva. A lot of people is looking forward to this girl group's debut knowing that Brave Brother's is their producer and of course a good song is also expected.

I really don't pay any attention to this group not until I've watched their rehearsal yesterday(thanks for my off :p ) I think the ballet bar dance is really seductive but not slutty. Watching them dance wants me to study pole dancing. The song is not even a sexy song or electronic dance pop tune but they were able to create flawless movements. In terms of the physical appearance of the group ummm I don't find them visually appealing but their body can make up for it. I think the average height of this group can be compared to After School. They also shows an exceptional dancing skill plus their vocal has alot of potential. Since this is their debut I'm rooting for their comeback to see their transformation.

If you'll listen to the song it gives a mellow vibe but if you'll watch the music video it will turn into a slow sexy song. The song can give an entirely different feel and I'm absolutely digging the lyrics of it. I'm really particular on the meaning of a song. I don't like pointless songs(purely growling, screaming and full of heavy metal instruments)and with gibberish lyrics. Brave Girls "Do You Know" is a sad love song that is asking a guy if he really knows what she truly feels about him, the real meaning behind her words and actions.( nice!) It totally melts my heart. Would they do the same in the future? Let's wait and see.

Don't Cry

I'm currently listening to...

Artist: Park Bom

Song: Don't Cry
Release Date: April 21, 2011

Before I decided to write a review for Bom's Don't Cry I'm actually convinced that "You and I" is alot better but damn! Here I go again with my "love in the second time around". I think it's beginning to be a habit because I'm now into the song. whew! Most probably anything that Park Bom sings becomes a wonderful melody.

The song like what everyone else is saying feels like a second part of "It Hurts" and "You and I". A song that talks about accepting the end of a relationship. Well more of relationship that ends with death. One thing that I really like about this solo is the music video. The videography is epic. While watching the mv it feels like watching a 90's hollywood film. The set is like with "It hurts" setting, creepy like hell but suits the dramatic side of the song. And Bom's wardrobe and make up on the video is uber attractive and not to mention the male lead(haha)

Overall this solo is a good giveaway of 2ne1's probably all kill comeback. Let's wait and see what songs they have in stored for us.

Heart to Heart & 4minutes Left

I'm currently listening to...

Artist: 4minute

Album: Heart to Heart
Title Track: Heart to Heart
Release Date: March 29, 2011
1. 4minutes Left
2. Heart to Heart
3. Sweet Suga Honey!
4. You Know
5. 모르는 척 (Pretend)

Artist: 4minute

Album: 4minutes Left
Title Track: Mirror Mirror
Release Date: April 5, 2011
1. "4Minutes Left" 1:24
2. "Mirror Mirror" (거울아 거울아) 3:43
3. "Heart to Heart" 3:58
4. "Sweet Suga Honey!" 3:25
5. "Pretend" (모르는 척) 4:01
6. "You Know" 4:03
7. "Already Gone" 3:40
8. "First" (Korean Version) 3:38
9. "Hide & Seek" 3:34
10. "Badly" (나쁘게) 3:40

I'm a silent fan of 4minute and I realized that just minutes ago. haha
But I'm Hyuna's hardcore fan. I love everything about her. Even her ink encourages me to get one as well.(good thing is that I have lots of self control) I've anticipated for their comeback after seeing the teaser for Mirror Mirror. This post is actually late because they've debuted both albums like weeks and month ago but I want to share my view on their comeback.

Ever since 4minute debuted they are always compared to the ever genius group 2ne1(huh!). I don't have any bad bread with 2ne1 because I'm also a fan, I'm Bom's stalker.(haha!) One thing I don't like is the reaction of some blackjacks and anti's. Well that's understandable haters will always hate so never mind. But those people are always under the impression that 4minute is copying the style of YG group which I highly doubted. "Copying" is different with "Keeping up" and of course in this competitive industry any group is trying their best to beat the others or atleast be on the same level.

4minute's style can be categorized as electronic pop and more on the sexy side. Even though I like their music I must say that I'm still having a hard time identifying two of their member. Funny is they actually resemble each other. It's the group leader Nam Ji Hyun and maknae Kwon Sohyun.(sorry guys) I don't know what's wrong with me but my mind just freeze when I'm trying to remember their names.

Nam Ji Hyun

Kwon Sohyun

Moving forward when it comes to liking their music It's always love on the second time around. Every time I hear their songs for the first time I'm always "urgh, not nice..not my style" but after that I'll play it again and again..and again and I like it. Their songs are like drugs to my ears, it's addictive. Probably number one factor is the sexy vibe. I'm always in for anything sexy. Their moves are always sharp(specifically hyuna) and sexy..yeah sexy(am I repetitive? not really right? yeah whatever)

Heart to Heart is their first song that includes a love concept. The melody is nice, lyrics is good and the music video is funny. I'm really into the lyrics of the song. It's about a boyfriend that turns cold from being so sweet.(men!) Generally even though it has a catchy beat you can still feel the heartbreaking part of the song that makes it even better.

And with mirror mirror, what I like about the song is the beat and especially Gayoon's part in the beginning the "nae geo ura.." line(daebak!)
Compared to Heart to Heart which I loved instantly with Mirror Mirror what happened was a gradual development of interest. I remember that after watching the music video I've searched right away for the live perf just to see if there is any reason for me to like the song and after several times of listening to it, I cannot stop myself on dancing to the tune of it. And that finalize my judgement that there comeback is a success. Even though they've encountered several issues like the leg choreography plus the buying of album to increase album sales, my view on this group will still stay the same. They will still be one of those artist that produce good music. They might not be compared to A-list groups like WG, SNSD, Kara or 2ne1 but they can still be one of the best.

Red Riding Hood

Last movie I saw...

Red Riding Hood(2011)
Directed by:Catherine Hardwicke

Shiloh Fernandez
Max Irons
Amanda Seyfried

This film is quite surprising for me. I never thought of such twist in this film. They have a great foundation of the love triangle. Scenes and expressions that shows mystery that lies on the love line. They also made it appear to have full of secrets and mystery which somewhat helps to keep you puzzled.

I don't know but is this the trend now in Hollywood? Taking the concept of a fairytale or fable and shoot it for a moving picture. Well regardless of, I think it's working. I don't care if the director of the film also directed twilight(as if it matters) but the selling point of this film is Amanda Seyfried plus the catchy trailer. I've watched some of Seyfried's film(Mean Girls,Jennifer's Body, Chloe and Letter's to Juliet)and some of those are worth watching. She might have a film after film but I'm thinking that this Red Riding Hood theme might give her a big break that she deserves and well it reached beyond the passing grade but is still lacking.

The setting of the film is visually appealing. I might say that they've done a great job on copying the photos on our children books. Music scoring is okay(so-so), cinematography is good enough to set the mood but nothing really special. I think the trailer is better than the film but story wise it is definitely a hit.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easy A

Last movie I saw...

Easy A(2010)
Directed by: Will Gluck

Penn Badgley
Emma Stone

I featured the trailer of this movie last august. And thanks for my long vacation and I was able to watch it. I fell in love with the trailer of this film and after watching it I want to get married with it. haha

I really enjoyed watching it. The spunk of Emma Stone's character is the best. This is how a lead should carry a film. I'm not aware of Emma Stone's existence not after Easy A. Her slutty acting for me is really superb. Goodness! I'm all praise with her coz I like her. She's so pretty plus her corset(s) flaunts her voluptuous body all thru out the movie. And maybe because I have fascination with people who has lisp. Well let just say I find it really cute? haha

The movie made me laugh but not so hard and nevertheless I think this is a great film. A different taste for a teen flick. All about fitting in and identity. As a love story? Not really. It's more of a one man show and that's Emma Stone. Try to watch so you'll see what I mean.