Monday, January 30, 2012

Flexibility.. not my thing.


Last movie I saw...

Enchanted (2007)
Directed by: Kevin Lima

Patrick Dempsey
Amy Adams

I enjoyed the comic twist of fairy tales in the film however because this is supposed to be a fantasy-romance, they should have come up with a better scenes to establish the love line between the main leads. In terms of fantasy, the film is fabulous but if it is lacking in the romance category. Everything went so fast with the development of the leads relationship which is not okay with me. Plus they should have cast a better looking actor, no offense with Dempsey's fans but I don't find him attractive on this movie.

But overall, this is the kind of film that you can watch with your children. Very entertaining musical scenes.

Real Steel

Last movie I saw...

Real Steel (2011)
Directed by: Shawn Levy

Hugh Jackman
Dakota Goyo

We watched the whole film in a bus just this morning. I like this movie a lot. It's touching, there's competition and HUGH JACKMAN looks so good. haha.

Towards the end of the film, we're literally on the edge of our seats. lol
I'm so happy that ATOM nailed the match!(what now zeus?!haha)

Fangirling with IU!

I'm now infected with IU's charm! I really really like her! IU!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Makati Girl

We found a very pleasing dormitory in Makati. And I can't help but to look forward on a good and safe environment.

Independence starts tomorrow but I'll miss home. (don't know how should I feel..)

Danica Magpantay

Two for the world: Lala Flores & Danica Magpantay

This article is definitely worth reading. I'm a fan of Danica Magpantay and knowing her thoughts and hardships made me admire her even more.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Labels and Answers

Credit: Wild Days

I think that my personality is getting worse as I age. When I was in High School, I'm a total comedian, In College, a better comedian/entertainer but after I graduate, everything changed. I become timid, soft spoken and a great pretender. An image that is really different on who I used to be. An attitude I've incorporated from the people I've met. And now, I don't know who I really I am. Maybe this is the real me and I got tired with my comedy stint or perhaps this I how I really want people to see me. Maybe I want to be taken more seriously, to gain more respect and to avoid bullies. Regardless of the reason why, the fact still remains that I'm pretending all along.

Credit: Hammy Havoc

Sense of Humor is not something that you practice because it comes naturally. I think I have that gift. If you'll get to know me for a really long time, you'll know what I'm saying.

Credit: My Bellavida

That's why I think I'm unattractive to both sexes. lol

Credit: Alone In The Childerness

Believe me, because I do. I don't even know if I'm the protagonist or antagonist of my own story. But my co-stars are extremely into their characters, from the kindest to pathetics, I have it all.

Credit: Swiss Miss

I don't think so. I'm taking it literally, even if you'll do good at work there are just too much politics going around and without proper connections, you'll be left with nothing special but work.

Credit: Nogobelieve

This is what I'm trying to achieve. I know I'm neither smart nor pretty. I'm pretty average but I'm striving so hard to improve the way I look and be more capable or knowledgeable. Every time I got to know people who have beauty and brains, I always got so jealous. Well life is really unfair in the first place, some people are showered with too much luck(money, beauty & intelligence) but I can make a change. And I'm not going to stop till I'm satisfied.

Credit: cogitoergoblawg

Uhrm..I think I'm the greatest destroyer of myself. So should I destroy myself? haha

Kidding aside, I know I have lots of inner evils that I should get rid due time.

Credit: J. Johnson

This is interesting, let's make a it a friend? or a lover?

Well my initial reaction is that this message is pointing out to find a love partner but as I put more thoughts on it, my answer changed. This is about finding someone whom you can trust and I found parents. I'm so fortunate be in a very good terms with my parents even though they are separated. They know most of my secrets, they are updated with the events in my life, with every changes, burdens, dreams, achievements..everything. I'm really thankful to have these two people that I know will always stand by my side, whatever happens.

Credit: Search Quotes

And that's me.

Credit: Chloe's Thoughts

That's me again. One more reason why I read books especially when I'm at work is mainly to kill time and avoid conversations.

Credit: Healthy Chicks

It's because I want to be complicated. Complicated chicks are cooler compared to simple minded girls. Plus it's so easy to say those words but is so hard to put into actions.

Credit:Pounding Heartbeat

It happens to me every time. Sometimes you'll just spaced out and some songs will pollute you're emotion that you'll feel it was made from your bitter memories.

Credit: Cherry Bam

Credit: A Miss Princess Life

After reading the message, I felt more stronger(mentally and emotionally). The words really inspired me and encouraged me to do better.

Credit: Monkey Mascara

Credit: Cool, Cute, Clever and Crazy People

I don't have a boyfriend since birth but I still have crushes. I'm still a girl and I have demands. rofl!

I can never start a conversation with the opposite sex without giving an impression that I'm trying to hard plus the awkward silence that follows. err..madness!

Credit: Style Dip

I'm relating this quote on a friendship. I've had my major friendship challenge in my senior year. There were lots of misunderstanding, unguarded moments..too painful memories that I wasn't able to forget even though we already sorted it out. I miss the relationship that we've had before because no matter how hard I try to convince myself that everything is back to normal..deep inside, I know I'm still hurt..and I just know...things will never ever be the same.

Credit: Bustle


I want to be married someday. Be married to the first man that I'll love, have kids and grow old with him till our last breath.

Credit: Style Dip

Credit: Vi.sualize

Credit: Ranujanu

I've put mine in my entries.

Interview With The Vampire

Last movie I saw...

Interview With The Vampire (1994)
Directed by: Neil Jordan

Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Stephen Rea
Antonio Banderas
Christian Slater
Kirsten Dunst

Drunken To Love You / Love You

Last drama I saw...

Drunken To Love You / Love You (2011)
Episodes: 17

Joseph Chang
Rainie Yang

The Full Monty

Last movie I saw...

The Full Monty (1997)
Director: Peter Cattaneo

Robert Carlyle
Tom Wilkinson
Mark Addy

The intention of the film might be good but the execution isn't that great. Anyway, the later part was good and I ended up liking the film. Just considered the year of its released, 1997, where the standard ain't that high as compared to now.

Bloody Awesome!

Congratulations to me!
New chapter on Monday.

Dream.Believe.Survive +_+

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. ~Author Unknown

It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to. ~Annie Gottlier

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ms. I.T

I can't believe it! I was able to fix sherlock and restore all of my missing files. Am I so genius? lol! Thanks to internet, for the nonstop supply of information and knowledge. haha

Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin

Last book I've read...

Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin (2011)
Author: Bob Ong
Rating: 3/5

Book Description:
Mula sa kasumpa-sumpang kahirapan at kalunos-lunos na kaignorantehan sa mundong kanyang kinagisnan, namulat si Marie sa tunay na mukha ng matamis at mapapakasakit na pag-ibig.

Ngunit makakayanan niya ba ang mga hamon ng bukas?

Ano ang kanyang magiging kapalaran?

Huwag na huwag palalampasin ang mga tagpo ngayong gabi sa telesineryenobela na kumpleto sa mga pang-aapi, paghihiganti, impostor, amnesia, kasal at diary!

Credit: Goodreads


Ang tanong ng bayan...baket?

sagot ko: bakit hinde?

anoda cryptic message

Monday, January 23, 2012

Silence Of The Lambs

Last movie I saw...

Silence Of The Lambs(1991)
Directed by: Jonathan Demme

Anthony Hopkins
Jodie Foster

It feels good to see a film which earned a lot of good feedback. An example Silence Of The Lambs, for many this is considered to be a classic, one of those films that you need to watch before you die.

I've heard about this film before but I was not able to see it because I thought that it's a zombie theme film. But I was wrong and the movie has a sense though that title shouldn't be taken literally. The attempt to scare people is really effective. The musical scoring and the cinematography looks really good though I find the overall package of the movie a little overrated. Well, anyway I still enjoyed watching a mind bugging storyline especially the character of Hannibal Lecter(Anthony Hopkins) and Buffalo Bill(Ted Levine). This simply means that psychological complication plots appeals to me most.