Monday, February 27, 2012

Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa, Married

As of February 2, Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa are officially married.

As of February 2, Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa are officially married.

I read the headline twice..and I read it again..

As of February 2, Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa are officially married.

OH MY GOD! I'm gonna faint..

Kuroki Meisa, 2 months pregnant..

I'm gonna die!

Jane Eyre

Last movie I saw...

Jane Eyre (2011)
Directed by: Cary Fukunaga

Michael Fassbender
Mia Wasikowska

"Am I a machine without feelings? Do you think that because I am poor, obscure, plain and little that I am soulless and heartless?"- Jane

I know, I have a vow to read the novel first before watching the film version but I just can't resist the urge to see Jane Eyre. I can't wait to see Mia acting as Jane because she's a versatile actress and I'm excited to see on how she's going to portray it and I'm very satisfied..very.

The film is like a beautiful high valued painting with it's exquisite cinematography. I like the silence of the film, it's not awkward and instead it adds intensity with the atmosphere. I like the eerie tone of some scenes and of course the whole heart breaking plot is all thanks to Charlotte Brontė.

I didn't expect the burst of emotions at the end of the movie. A great classic treat.

Wild Child

Last movie I saw...

Wild Child (2008)
Directed by: Nick Moore

Alex Pettyfer
Emma Roberts

This is a breath of fresh air from the genre of films that I'm watching the whole day. A very teenage, good feel film. It's like going back to basics with highschool drama, friendship and first love.

I noticed even before that Emma is pretty and even though she looks so young in this and very different from who she is now, you can still tell that she will age stunningly. I like all of her wardrobe, especially the one she wore at the party. And there is Alex, an ultimate eye candy. I never knew that they were going out before.(I'm so wanna be Emma Roberts!)

It's good that I've picked this film, it warmed up my day.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Last movie I saw...

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
Directed by: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Jim Carrey
Ewan McGregor

"Even if sometimes, I don't know who you are, I love you"- Phillip

I might not understand how gay people lives but most probably it is like with anybody else. They are not different from the rest of us, nor they are inferior or superior. Just like human they deserve love and respect.

It's good that they have produced this film because it's very rare to see a mainstream film with A-list actors for gay roles. I'm hands down with both Jim and Ewan for taking a very challenging role.

But even though I like Jim's acting, I still hate his character. Steven should have used his talents for the better but instead ahh..I'm not going to spoil it. And another thing that I will not forget to praise are the cheesy songs. haha. Nice music, so gay. haha


Last movie I saw...

Contagion (2011)
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Matt Damon
Jude Law
Marion Cotillard
Kate Winslet
Gwyneth Paltrow

I'm starting to like Matt Damon maybe because he looks so convincing with his roles though I hope he get more fit. But going back to the film, it's the first time in a while that I've seen a medical centered film so that might be one of the reasons why Contagion caught my interest. Of course that's aside from the reason that it's also a star studded film which includes Matt, Jude , Kate, Gwyneth and again Marion so whose sane person wouldn't watch this?

The facts on where the contagious virus came from brought mystery all through out the film. It's fascinating how the epidemic affects the lives of the characters involved. Things get worst as day goes by and still without findings to cure the disease. The movie shows some face of reality when people are put on a crucial situation like surviving against an incurable virus amidst certain possibilities. The script includes panic, rumors, government intervention plus hoax from media, factors that are quite comparable with reality.

Give it a try. See if you'll like it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last movie I saw...

Inception (2010)
Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Leonardo DiCaprio
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ken Watanabe
Tom Hardy
Ellen Page
Marion Cotillard

"An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to iradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood. That sticks, right in there somewhere."- Cobb

The cast are superb. I've watched this film because I'm following Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and especially one of my favorite actress, Marion Cotillard.

I'm quite impress with Christopher Nolan, he did not only directed the film but he is also the brain, the writer behind Inception. Wow. This film is considered to be one of the top films in 2010 and it's definitely justified. The script has a fresh new twisted concept, casting is brilliant, visuals and effects are compelling, cinematic techniques are equally breath taking plus the film's context is very crystal clear.

Even though it lasted for more than 2 hours, expect to be on the edge of your seat the whole time. A one of a kind film that even I sometimes find it confusing on which part of it are really part of reality. A very effective presentation of a creative construction of a dream, idea, projection and Inception.

Bad Teacher

Last movie I saw...

Bad Teacher (2011)
Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Jason Segel
Justin Timberlake
Cameron Diaz

I'm afraid but this is just not a bad teacher but a bad script as well.

I admit that I was pretty excited at first after I've watched the trailer but when I saw the film, it doesn't make sense. I just hoped that they've tried to organize a certain plot instead of focusing too much on the "bad teacher" title because it ended up really bad. However I enjoyed Cameron's character, I can't help giggling just thinking about her tactics. haha. And Justin looked so young in this film, he doesn't resemble the actor in Friends and Benefits or either in In Time but maybe it could just be the character. If I'm Justin, I wouldn't take the role but I'm not him so his here.

Try it. It's funny but that's only it.

London Boulevard

Last movie I saw...

London Boulevard (2010)
Directed by: William Monahan

Colin Farrell
Keira Knightley

I'm supposed to rate it a two or three star but somehow the story makes sense.

I'm a bit disappointed because again, I'm expecting a different plot. Well, I guess I shouldn't assume starting today because it affects how I view a film. Moving forward with the movie, I can say that the phasing is a bit slow and second part is more interesting. I don't really like Colin but his acting is not bad nor it will blown you away, so it's pretty average. I like how Keira looked on this but her character doesn't show much relevance unlike how it was pitch on the promotions. It seems as if the movie could go on without her character, it's a little vague. It's actually the only and my main concern, if they want it to be an action romantic film, they should have done better on giving emphasis with the love line and how it was developed and not that fast as if just blinking 1,2,3 then bam, they're on.

Though it's quite upsetting, I would like to give credit with the soundtrack because all of the songs are really an ear candy.

The Artist

Last movie I saw...

The Artist (2011)
Directed by: Michel Hazanavicius

Jean Dujardin
Bérénice Bejo

A meaningful work of art. The film can be interpreted in several ways considering that it touches several issues. It talks about fame, pride, entertainment world and love. I'm deeply impressed with the silent movie idea. It's a risk to invest in this kind of script on a generation that is so used with blasting sounds and effects. But in a way, that factor was used in the productions advantage. Because it's so different and it reminds us of the old days, it easily gained respect and earned good reviews.

I'm not familiar with the actors but they deserved any nominations or awards that they have won. It's also amazing on how this movie could sustain you're interest for an hour and half with just actions and phrases of words. It's so creative and very worth watching.


Last movie I saw...

Drive (2011)
Directed by: Nicolas Winding Refn

Ryan Gosling
Carey Mulligan

"Anything happens in that five minutes and I'm yours. No matter what. Anything happens a minute either side of that and you're on your own. Do you understand?"- Driver

It's final, I officially want Ryan Gosling to be my man.

This movie is awesome, it's brilliant. There is something with Ryan whenever he acts a role. It looks so real, it's as if it's not a role. I like how he portrayed the character, I like the script, the phasing of the story and even the conflict. I love the cinematography, the shots have meanings, be it close up shots, over the shoulder and even the over the head shots. I like the tone of the movie, the opening credits and ending credits and even the font and the color of the credits. ha, I like it all. The music scoring matches with the stills,what else can I ask for? And the whole production really pleases me. And this is the first time that I find Carey beautiful, unlike when I first saw her when she was still going out with Shia Labeouf. I also think that she's not only pretty but her acting is also bearable.

Argh!I still can't get over it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Day

Last movie I saw...

One Day (2011)
Directed by: Lone Scherfig

Jim Sturgess
Anne Hathaway

"Is there a boundary between friendship and love?"

I had so much anticipation with this film because the novel is one of my must read plus I've also heard an outstanding feedback about the movie that only adds too my excitement on seeing the film. However it turns out that I'm expecting so much, much more on how the story goes. I can say that the cinematography,acting, tone and setting of the movie are all exquisite, but for me, it fell short in the story aspect. Probably because I imagined and created an entirely different plot and ending of One Day even before I started reading the novel. I got carried away with the book cover tagline that it didn't give me any idea of what the true story is about. I'm really disappointed that the story offers nothing new with several plots that were presented in the market.

Or I should have finish reading the book first? Whatever.