Thursday, December 27, 2012

Late Autumn

Last movie I saw...

Late Autumn (2010)
Directed by: Kim Tae-yong

Hyun Bin
Tang Wei

"Why did you use his fork? Why did you use someone else fork? Why?"-Anna

I was intrigued to watch the film after seeing the trailer. I was actually expecting a different storyline with the roles that the leads portrayed. Nonetheless, I am still satisfied with the outcome.

The first time I saw the trailer, I know that there's something different with the production. It gives a vibe of an independent film because of its cinematography style that's far from a mainstream motion picture. I actually like how they executed the story in that manner, and in my opinion the people behind this production doesn't really care if this will be a box office hit, but what matters is to bagged many awards as possible which they succeeded. There main focus might be on the creativity of the whole package. And I can see the outstanding artistry in the uniqueness and depth of the story, the impressive characterization of the actors, and on how the writer established the characters.

Everything from this production seems like a product of pure passion. I might be wrong with my perception, but that's how it makes me feel.

I like the silence in it, the bluish-antique tone which helps on justifying the story's setting, the music scoring, the weirdness and especially the powerful acting of Tang Wei. I also find the following scenes memorable, the steamy scene of Tang Wei and Hyun Bin, their shared long passionate kiss, and my favorite- Tang Wei's breakdown scene with metaphoric statements.

It's a kind of movie that any film enthusiast wouldn't want to miss.

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