Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm currently listening to...

Artist: The Cranberries

Released Date: 22 February 2012
"Conduct" 5:10
"Tomorrow" 3:56
"Fire & Soul" 4:31
"Raining In My Heart" 3:26
"Losing My Mind" 3:39
"Schizophrenic Playboys" 3:39
"Waiting In Walthamstow" 4:18
"Show Me" 3:26
"Astral Projections" 4:44
"So Good" 3:53
"Roses" 3:40

I was never a fan of The Cranberries, except from belting "Zombie" in Karaoke, I know nothing about their songs. But lately I can't seem to stop myself from listening to their music. There's something dark with their songs yet its very emotional, and I like the oddness of it.

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