Monday, June 25, 2012


Last movie I saw...

Submarine (2010)
Directed by: Richard Ayoade

Craig Roberts
Yasmin Paige

At first, I thought this is about John Lennon, as the poster reminds me of my favorite Beatles member, only to find out that it actually represents the lead character(a straight forward poster but creative enough to caught my interest) which is 100 percent not Lennon. The story is about a teenager with the usual worries and troubles but has a bit different approach in life. The plot shows his conquest for social pressure, love and family.

There's something vintage with this film, maybe it's the title, or the deceiving poster, or simply my love for vintage because I can't help myself on liking this film. I wouldn't be tired on reiterating on how much I liked this film because the shots doesn't need any lines as it speaks for itself. The film that they've used somehow reminds me of Like Crazy, 500 Days Of Summer and some independent films(which are all favorites!). The treatment that they've used in the story also reminds me of French films, from it's humor to the visual effects.(Amelie much?)

This film might seem weird for some but I think the script is fabulous. The writer was able to put into script a part of our reality without sugar coating. I like the oddness of each character which only adds to it's appeal. I also think that the cinematography is really good in terms of being unconventional at times.

I highly recommend this eye candy film that's not only visually fulfilling, but also has it's share of emotional depth.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Last movie I saw...

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Director: Rupert Sanders

Chris Hemsworth
Charlize Theron
Kristen Stewart

This turns out to be a great film, very unlikely from the negative reviews I've heard. After seeing the film, I can now confirmed that Mirror, Mirror and Snow White And The Huntsman are really poles apart. The first adaptation is more bubbly and fairy tale like while this version is very dark and bad ass. I'm amazed on how the production was able to conceptualize this kind of story out of a fairy tale. It also reminds me of "The Lord Of The Rings". I don't know why but there's a part in the film where it really feels like LOTR(weird!), perhaps because of the aerial shots and forest setting.(right)

The script is quite competitive, and I think is beyond average. I like how the writer gives justice with the Queen's evil act, giving us some glimpse of her past. I also like the affection between the Huntsman and Snow White. It's a brilliant idea to turn the killer into a Prince Charming. I'm seriously hoping that there would be a sequel for this version, because I'm feeling that the ending is a cliff hanger.(crossing my fingers!)

Charlize Theron scared me with her scenes which proves how good her characterization was for the role. I just can't imagine the fear of those kids who'll see the film, Ravena might even top their most unwanted monster for quite sometime. On the other hand, Kristen Stewart shows a different side of Snow White which is more aggressive and fearless. I honestly think that no one would fit this role aside from her.(it's probably an after effect of the film) For the Huntsman, I actually prefer a different actor. I'm just not a fan of Chris Hemsworth(same reason why I haven't watch Thor till now, even if I got a copy) maybe because he's too toned for my type (nonsense), but nonetheless I would love to see the continuation of their characters with the same cast in 2013.(Snow White And The Hunstman 2 pls!)

Overall this film is beyond average that exhibits good cinematography and convincing production setting. A film that is interesting to watch and will surely make your time worthwhile.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Last movie I saw...

Mirror Mirror (2012)
Directed by: Tarsem Singh

Armie Hammer
Julia Roberts
Lily Collins

This film comes as a surprise as I never imagined that this would be beautiful. I've read a lot of negative feedback with this version of the infamous Brother Grimm's Fairy Tale, Snow White, which is one of the two adaptations that were released for 2012, the other one is Snow White And The Huntsman with Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

I like the script and though it suited for any age, I still think that it will be best appreciated by younger people and those who are young at heart.(yes, that includes me) I'm satisfied with the alterations of story which was received poorly by some reviews. If I had known that it would be this good, perhaps I might have seen it in theater. The whole concept really sells to me, it's a good remake of the story that everyone knows since childhood. I'm also impressed with the Indian touch at the end of the film, ending the story on a happy note, though I find it pretty awkward at first.

The casting are actually alright. Julia Roberts looks stunning as ever. I like the wit of her lines which she delivered with grace. I'm also fine with Lily Collins performance, because I'm expecting a horrible acting but she did fine, except that the thick brows were really a distraction.(it has to go away!) And with the Prince Charming, I hope his charming enough. I just wish that they cast a better Prince, because I don't really find Armie Hammer handsome though his acting were at least average, so he still pass.

The mood of the film matches the light theme of the story. I like the cinematography and the visual effects especially the Mirror scene, whenever Julia Roberts wants to talk to the mirror and she walks right thru it then she'll rise from the water, that's the scene I like most. I'm also impressed on how the Editors created the beast that it doesn't obviously look like a computerized image rather a fake beast which I consider better.

In conclusion, this is a good production that anyone will surely enjoy.

Post Grad

Last movie I saw...

Post Grad (2009)
Directed by: Vicky Jenson

Zach Gilford
Alexis Bledel

"What you do with your life is, really just one half of the equation. The other half, the more important half, really is, who you're with when you're doing it."- David Santiago

I really really like this movie. It felt like I'm watching myself.haha. Well seriously, I can hundred percent relate to the story, and that being said is the main reason why I rate it at 5 star. Maybe for some people this is nothing, but an ordinary, average sort of a teenage film, however for me it's more than that. It's everything that I've experienced and is still going thru after college. The film has a sense of reality that aroused my interest.

I like this film not because of it's technicalities but because of the lesson that I've learned from it. I know that every story has a lesson to share but it so happened that this film's message is the wisdom that I needed the most. I'm really inspired after seeing this film because even though it's a bit predictable somehow it will manage to give you some encouragement to face the challenges ahead.( the usual girl flick!)

Aside from the appreciated plot, I also enjoyed watching Alexis Bledel(such a pretty face). I love her wardrobe and her eyes are simply breath taking. Her opposite co-star, Zach Gilford, whom I thought of someone else is equally gorgeous. I actually thought that he's Joseph Morgan from Vampire Diaries because they kinda resemble each other but unfortunately their two different individual.(I'm really hoping that it's him!)

I highly recommend this especially if you're looking for some feel good films.

Winter's Bone

Last movie I saw...

Winter's Bone (2010)
Directed by: Debra Granik

Jennifer Lawrence

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Last movie I saw...

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Directed by: Edgar Wright

Michael Cera
Mary Elizabeth Winstead

"We are Sex Bob-Omb and we are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff"- Scott Pilgrim

I'm originally supposed to rate it a 3 star, not because it's not a good film but because it's not my kind of film(what's my kind of film anyway?never mind), however I can't take to rate it that low considering the amazing visual effects, and the incredible concept of the motion picture plus the good music scoring.

A lot of people might be familiar with Scott Pilgrim as a comic character, or whatever but it doesn't include me. I thought that this was sort of a coming of age romance, but hell no, this is an epic video game in reels. I might not like it at first but I've constantly changed my mind while watching it, I'm really hands down with the editors, because with all of the special effects and images, it probably take them forever to edit the scenes. I just can't imagine the hard work that was endured to polish this film.

Usually, I'm always giving special attention with the Writer and not with the Director because I'm one of those believers that a Writer is the main key in film making and should have more exposure rather than Directors. But in this movie, I must say that the Editors really outshines the Writer in terms of its relevance with the production though the Writer would probably be next in my list if I haven't consider the Set Designer which I do, because they did a fabulous job. I'm really loving the film's technical attributes, and that doesn't left out the cinematography. Well, never mind the acting though it's not bad in the first place but it's not as promising as the other factors of the film. I also like all of the songs that was played in the film but my favorite would go to Envy's performance. I'm crossing my fingers that I can download a full length of the song.

Aside from heavy action scenes that looks like straight from video games, the films is also pack of humor. I find the characters and the circumstances irresistably funny , and Michael Cera made me laugh so hard with his dumb lines and acts(what an effective actor). Oh, I almost forgot to mention the first thing that struck me the most, it's the opening scene, the universal intro with it's logo is definitely something to mention, it foreshadows the mood of the film thus helps on setting viewers expectation which I think is a brilliant idea, and I like it so much.

I highly recommend this film that would surely be enjoyed mostly by teenagers and people that are into games and nice flicks.

Chilling Romance

Last movie I saw...

Chilling Romance (2012)
Directed by: In-ho Hwang

Son Ye-jin
Lee Min-ki

I did, anticipate that this movie will include ghost and some creepy creatures just by reading the title, but I did not consider that this can be really scary. (really!) The music scoring was not much of a help because the sound effects really send shivers down my spine, though I'm still grateful that they didn't forget that it's still a love story thus switching the sound to a comedic tune from time to time.(But I admit, till now my heart is pounding!Argh!)

I'm actually looking forward on seeing this film not only because of the cast, but also because I think the plot is quite unique(it is!). And in all fairness, I enjoyed watching it, though there are some part which I find a bit absurd but yeah, this is a film so I supposed, I shouldn't be surprised. I don't only find this film a bit scary because it has tons of funny scenes as well, like the scene when they spoof "The Illusionist", I laugh so hard with that scene, and I know at that moment that it's a good film.

I am also pleased with the casting as I like both actors because of their looks, and convincing skills in acting. I'm especially ecstatic for Lee Min Ki, because this is the first time that I saw him starred in a motion picture as a lead, and the movie is a hit. Son Ye Jin in the other hand is no stranger with big screen projects and can be considered as one of the top film stars as she already acted in severeal notable films.(e.g. A Moment To Remember, The Classic, White Night, Open City & etc)

In conclusion this is a decent film that offers a quite interesting story that I recommend to everybody considering that you're fine with those little scare.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mamma Mia!

Last movie I saw...

Mamma Mia! (2008)
Directed by: Phyllida Lloyd

Pierce Brosnan
Colin Firth
Stellan Skarsgård
Meryl Streep
Amanda Seyfried

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dark Shadows

Last movie I saw...

Dark Shadows (2012)
Directed by: Tim Burton

Johnny Depp
Eva Green
Michelle Pfeiffer
Helena Bonham Carter
Bella Heathcote
Chloë Grace Moretz

[the Carpenters are performing on TV] "What Sorcery is this?"
[Barnabas rips the cords out of the back of the TV] "Reveal yourself, Tiny Songstress!"- Barnabas Collins

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Dark Knight

Last movie I saw...

The Dark Knight (2008)
Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Christian Bale
Heath Ledger
Aaron Eckhart
Gary Oldma
Maggie Gyllenhaal

"The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming." - Harvey Dent

Before watching The Dark Knight, I always have the pre-notion that it's overrated, and it's funny because I still do. I have nothing against The Dark Knight as one of the best films for 2008 though I can't fully remember the films that were released for that year but yeah, I guess it deserves the title. But as the best film in Cinema world? No.

I know I've seen a Batman film before, but as far as I can remember it's not with Christian Bale so I was a little confused with what's happening, because the last time I check Batman was with Robin but now we have Rachel, the Lieutenant and other unfamiliar names. Blame it on me, I was never a fan of comics, or cartoon network thus explains my lack of knowledge with the story and characters because I'm not really into Superheroes and this I guess is a valid proof.

This film is always on top of my "films to watch list" but for some reason I'm always putting this film off, perhaps I'm overwhelmed with all the reviews plus it's way lengthier compared to other movies. But I decided to sit through it and experience another masterpiece of Christopher Nolan. I admire Christoper Nolan for creating notable works, and in this production I like the fact that he also took part on writing the script. I think that you'll be more effective if the characters that you're directing are pieces of your imagination, of your creative mind. I can almost imagine the adrenaline rush that he was experiencing while filming the movie, the satisfaction of having that power to turn all of those images from script to actions. I also like how sensible the lines are, it's as if every lines that the characters are delivering are worth quoting for, the script is simply exceptional. I also commend Nolan for his style of justifying an action like how he does with each of the characters in this film. I admit that I got a little bored(very little) at first but I was holding my breath all through out the second half of it.

In terms of acting, I think I can never imagine Christian Bale as Batman after seeing him turned mental in "American Psycho".(never!) I've also anticipated the highly praised acting of Heath Ledger, and yes, I was totally scared of his character, and proves how good he is with the role.(but for me he will always be the guy who beautifully sang "Can't take my eyes off you" and serenade Julia Stiles *weeps*) Another character I'm excited to see is Maggie Gyllenhaal, I really like her after watching "Secretary".

In conclusion this is one of those films that you must see regardless of your reason, or stand with it's popularity, or should I say, a film that almost everyone already saw because of intentional and unintentional publicity. Well nevertheless, the fact remains it stays on top of it's rank.