Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pitch Perfect

Last movie I saw...

Pitch Perfect (2012)
Directed by: Jason Moore

Skylar Astin
Anna Kendrick
Brittany Snow
Anna Camp
Rebel Wilson
Alexis Knapp
Ester Dean
Hana Mae Lee

"You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave."-Fat Amy

I watched this film because of the positive feedback from people I know. I'm not expecting much from this production because first of all, I don't really like Anna Kendrick. Second, I saw the trailer, and it's just O-K.. that kind of okay when you can't distinguish if the subject is good or not, maybe both.

Even though I pretty much have an idea on what the story is about, I still want to see it. I kept on convincing myself that this is a "very funny" film, just like what others claimed it to be, betraying my own instinct. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Well, not in that way that I would really enjoy a movie, but the point is, it exceeded my expectation apart from of course, Anna Kendrick.(It's not about her, it's about me. I don't find her fit for the story-I suck, I know)

I like the renditions, though it's not that remarkable.(for me) But what I like most is the phasing of the story. The writer did a good job with the plot, and in making it a bit unpredictable. There's actually nothing extraordinary with the setting. It's the same school scenario with leads having their own problems whether its something personal or social, its one thing that you won't miss..it's given. And then there's the popular, nerds, cliques, competitions, and dreams that every lead would want to achieve.(guys, you know the drill) It's a common plot but written, and executed in a rarely decent, and interesting manner.

In terms of technicalities, the acting was okay, especially Fat Amy. She totally nailed her role, and had me laughing so hard(in my mind) with her scenes. Music scoring is above average, and the fact that its a musical theme movie explains it. Cinematography is average. Well it's not the kind of film where you need to be experimental with the shots. Overall, it's okay. A lot of young adults will have fun watching it.

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