Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Reunion

Last movie I saw...

The Reunion (2012 film)
Directed by: Frasco Mortiz

Enrique Gil
Xian Lim
Enchong Dee
Kean Cipriano

"Ang buhay kasi mga anak ay isang malaking connect the dots. Nangyayari ang isang bagay dahil may ginawa kang isang bagay."- Aling Nena

I know I planned to watch it in big screen, but I can't remember why I didn't. Now, I finally saw it, and I like it, no, I love it. I like everything from the cast,acting,plot,editing,cinematography, musics scoring and concept. I really like the comic like concept, and the used of Eraserheads songs to represent scenarios in the story. It's absolutely worth the time. I was actually surprised that it turned out to be a good film. haha. I wasn't expecting it, but I'd anticipated the yummy scenes with Kean Cipriano, and Enchong Dee.(OHMG!)

This film brings nostalgia, and I suddenly miss my friends. The script was well written, and I want to hug the writer for this feel good film. The scenes are in good sequence, and very entertaining plus the story makes a lot of sense. The moral values might be cliches, but they're also real.

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