Sunday, March 24, 2013

Queen In-hyun's Man

Queen In-hyun's Man(2012)
Rating: 10/10

Finally, I'm done with this drama.(positive tone)

I've been watching this for a long time now, but I was skeptical if it will lead to a happy ending so I stopped watching it. I don't know what's gotten to me today, but I decided to finish it, happy or tragic ending, so be it. It's funny because even my dad enjoyed watching it, and we were both in tears while watching episode 14.(epic father-daughter scene!) It feels like I'd cried a river with the last three episodes. This is one of the best Korean drama with time travel concept that I've seen so far, even better than Rooftop Prince.( I guess?! I wasn't able to finish it yet, because I got bored just after seeing its first few episodes)

I really commend TVN for their great dramas considering that they are a cable channel who doesn't really used to these kinds of material. I also enjoyed watching this because of Yoo In Na, one of my favorite actresses. The off screen romance with Ji Hyun Woo only adds additional appeal while watching their characters. I love Queen In-hyun's Man. I love the script, concept, acting, production design and soundtrack. One of the best.

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