Sunday, June 30, 2013

Must Be Love

Last movie I saw...

Must Be Love (2013)
Directed by: Dado Lumibao

Kathryn Bernardo
Daniel Padilla

This film was surprisingly good. The writer used witty punch lines that suits teenagers,and humor that appeals to all age. A good quality of script actually. Well done Star Cinema. I'm already a fan of Katherine Bernardo, because I like her beauty, but I never really paid attention to her on screen partner, Daniel Padilla. And funny thing was all thru out the film, I kept on thinking of how would it feel to be Daniel's girlfriend. haha. I'm officially caught of Daniel Padilla's fever.(right!hell yeah!) I like how he acted his character. It's so natural, very effortless.(bias much?!haha)

A must watch feel good movie with bonus eye candy.(wink!)

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