Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Sunday, 7th of December, 'twas the highlight of the week, the date of our outreach. I've been involved in a Bible study at work for several months now, and I'm so blessed to be part of it.

There were a lot of things that happened on that wonderful day, and let's start by watching "Empress Ki" at 2am instead of doing some preparations on spreading the good news. hohohoho

It didn't really matter though because I arrived an hour earlier than our scheduled time. I was part of the 1st batch of the group that travelled to San Roque, Antipolo for the event. I was left with 2 of my colleagues, and participated with the Church's Sunday School, while the rest took advantage of the spare time, and went out for breakfast.

We attended after the church's service, communion, celebrated their 1st year's anniversary, and enjoyed the worship led by the youth.

We proceded right away to our program which didn't turn out to be easy. We had our struggles with the limited space, noise, number of participants, flow of program, guest, and gifts. And in God's grace we were able to end it with smile on everyone's faces.

I won't forget my "children", the impromptu
opening prayer, the noise ( hehehe), genuine smiles, and the warmth of their hugs. (and the scratches on my face hehehe)

We went after to Pioneer for the 7pm service of Victory, and headed to Ayala Triangle for the Christmas lights show which was unfortunately cancelled, and we had Typhoon Ruby to take the credit. We just ate at Glorietta, and had some discussions before we separated ways.

I was already sitting comfortably in a transit at costal when I thought I didn't have enough money. I panic for few minutes, and I thought of the ATM machine I saw before in that terminal, but it was unavailable when I checked it. I tried to master enough courage to ask random stranger for some penny, but I went instead inside the transit, prayed, and without any plans in mind, I checked again my bag, and presto, there was a crumpled 20 pesos bill. Thank you God.  ^_^

I woke up from a long sleep, and we were already at Dasma. We had a stop over at Manggahan when the accident happened.

Apparently, the bus did not stop at the right lane, and a motorcycle crashed into the left back side of the bus. I called my dad, and he fetched me at Manggahan. Thinking about it now, I was so sure back then that the man died, but maybe he is alive. If he has a family, I sincerely hope that he lives.

Was I terrified? No, but I felt sad for his kid in case he has one. If he did  not survive, then Kuya see you in heaven :)

On a happier note, there was this young man sitting beside me. His antics were pretty cute. Haha! I was originally seating near the aisle,and was sleeping like I own the bus haha(can't blame me, I was dead tired from all of the activites)when he woke me up, he asked me to exchanged seats so I can comfortably sleep. (Now, that's a keeper! Lol! Where are the rest of your kind mister?tsk) He initiated small talks by asking "what time is it?", my destination, and etc., and I was really tired so I did not pay attention to it. Before I left the bus he gave me a paper which turned out to be a letter. Cute!

A wonderful day indeed.

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